USA presidential candidate Bernie Sanders raises $18mn for campaign

USA presidential candidate Bernie Sanders raises $18mn for campaign

USA presidential candidate Bernie Sanders raises $18mn for campaign

Candidates have until April 15 to file their fundraising reports with the Federal Election Commission.

A similar event in March 2016 featuring Sanders and Hillary Clinton averaged 2.6 million viewers.

Sanders finished second in the crowded Democratic primary field with 20% support, only trailing former Vice President Joe Biden who boasts 39% in that poll.

Obama's massive $25.7 million haul was a reported as a massive victory for the IL senator and a major blow to Clinton, who had hoped to crush her competition in total fundraising.

The 12 other Democrats who have announced their candidacies have yet to release first quarter totals, but in the 24-hour period following their entry into the race, former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke bested Sanders with an impressive $6.1 million haul. Sen. In fact, it may be growing. Twenty percent of those donors had not previously given money to Sanders.

In 2007, when then-senator Barack Obama and Mrs Clinton were beginning their long battle for the 2008 nomination, the favourite Mrs Clinton opened with an initial fundraising quarter of 36 million dollars, while the underdog Mr Obama pulled in 26 million dollars. She never released a first-day fundraising total after she launched her exploratory committee December 31, but, based on filings by the fundraising site Act Blue, it has been estimated at as little as $300,000.

But the biggest victor may be Pete Buttigieg, an unlikely headline-grabber even among a group of lesser-known candidates that includes governors and members of Congress. The mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, whose campaign has gained momentum in recent weeks, has raised $7 million.

That might be an understatement.

Sanders's decision to participate in the town hall follows the Democratic National Committee's ban last month on Fox News moderating any primary debates.

New CEO Brian Wancho told the Daily Caller that the 2020 campaign isn't using the company for social media or web services, adding that it was unlikely O'Rourke acted unethically by paying the company. The Socialist candidate's first quarter fundraising was fueled by about 900,000 individual donations, averaging about $20, said Faiz Shakir, his campaign manager.

The profession with the most donors to Sanders' campaign was teachers, according to Shakir.

But O'Rourke's average $48 donation means he can keep coming back to his huge network of online supporters time and again - the same method that he used to set Senate fundraising records in his 2018 bid against Sen.

But Shakir said the near-miss was an example of the campaign's bold ambitions.

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