Measles outbreak: health officials continue to investigate cluster

Measles outbreak: health officials continue to investigate cluster

Measles outbreak: health officials continue to investigate cluster

All of the newly-confirmed cases were in Oakland County, where 38 cases have been confirmed in 2019.

Infected individuals range in age from 8 months to 63.

Health officials have confirmed a case of measles in northern in, and they've released a list of Michiana locations where others may have been exposed.

A report by the Royal Society for Public Health earlier this year suggested that the top reason for the refusal of vaccines was the fear of possible side effects which among parents was being fuelled by social media.

For more information about measles, visit the CDC website.

Two doses of measles vaccine are 99 per cent effective at preventing measles.

"Unprotected exposure to the measles virus can cause illness and death, but can also require exclusion from work, school, child care and public activities for extended periods of time", she said.

"These outbreaks are linked to travelers who brought measles back from other countries such as Israel, Ukraine, and the Philippines, where large measles outbreaks are occurring", the CDC website states, adding that people should be vaccinated before traveling internationally.

Under the declaration, which lasts for at least 30 days, anyone under 18 who is not vaccinated against measles is barred from public gathering places, including shopping malls, civic centres, schools, restaurants and even houses of worship.

Measles is highly contagious.

"The MMR vaccine is available free of charge as part of the routine immunisation schedule".

There are now 25 cases of the measles in the province this year after two new cases have been confirmed on the South Island.

It wasn't until vaccinations were developed and improved that the disease was declared eliminated in 2000 "thanks to a highly effective vaccination program in the United States, as well as better measles control in the Americas region", the CDC reported.

One case was confirmed a year ago in Maryland, and it involved foreign travel, officials said. You should call before visiting a health care provider. After about five days, the rash fades in the same order in which it appeared.

Measles symptoms typically develop 10-14 days after exposure to the virus but can develop as soon as seven days and as long as 21 days after exposure.

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