Kirstjen Nielsen quits as US Homeland Security Secretary

Kirstjen Nielsen quits as US Homeland Security Secretary

Kirstjen Nielsen quits as US Homeland Security Secretary

We now know definitively that those were false narratives.

After Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned from her role on Sunday, speculation has swirled around who could become her permanent replacement, with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan stepping in as acting DHS chief for now.

With the 2020 election looming and growing frustration at the border, President Donald Trump is moving this week to change the leadership line-up at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and considering an array of tougher policies that include family separation.

Nielsen and Trump have reportedly been at odds for months.

When pressed, one White House official said there was a feeling in the West Wing that it was "just time" for Trump and Nielsen to part ways after bumping heads on numerous occasions during her 16-month tenure.

But the staff shake-up will not get around the immigration laws and court challenges that are thwarting Trump at every turn, including his suggestions to reinstate family separations and his threats to shut the border entirely. The President wanted families separated even if they were apprehended within the US. At the same time, he suggested the policy had worked to deter migrants from coming into the U.S.

Stephen Miller has manipulated his way into a position of real power and he's done it because he's set on pushing a violently anti-immigration ideology based in white nationalism.

"They are the intellectual basis for what the president wants to accomplish in immigration", Grassley said, after rumors circulated Monday that Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Lee Cissna, another DHS senior official, is in danger of being dismissed.

"It is deeply alarming that the Trump administration official who put children in cages is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough for the White House's liking", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement following Nielsen's announcement.

Sen. Susan Collins of ME said Tuesday having participated in creating the department more than a decade ago she knows "these are vital positions". Top communications official Hope Hicks took on a similar role at the new Fox company and Dina Powell, deputy national security adviser, returned to Goldman Sachs.

Late Monday, a federal judge in San Francisco issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump administration policy forcing asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico. We can't handle any more, our country is full. Can't come in, I'm sorry.

Miller is the Trump whisperer, and everything he tells the president feeds their white nationalist agenda. But last summer, HHS started receiving babies and toddlers, and there was not enough space to house them, said Jonathan White, the career civil servant tasked by Health and Human Services with helping to reunify children. "'You better give me your milk money, nerd, or I'll beat you up as soon as the McRib comes back!'"

After the President left the room, agents sought further advice from their leaders, who told them they were not giving them that direction and if they did what the President said they would take on personal liability.

Trump's immigration policies created tumult at the border, in airports and in the court system. Meanwhile, the Republican Party stands firmly behind him. A new team is likely to face the same obstacles.

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