Justice Department disputes claims over AG's handling of Mueller report

Justice Department disputes claims over AG's handling of Mueller report

Justice Department disputes claims over AG's handling of Mueller report

The department said Attorney General William Barr must strike confidential information from the almost 400-page document as reports surfaced in the news media that members of Mr Mueller's team were unhappy with the way Barr had characterised its main conclusions.

It was also not clear how widespread among Mueller's team, which included dozens of lawyers and investigators, are concerns about differences between Barr's summary and Mueller's report, the Times said.

The statement also said that every page of Mueller's report was marked that it may contain grand jury material "and therefore could not immediately be released".

Boot cites an April 3 New York Times report in which members of Mueller's U.S. Justice Department team take issue with Barr's summation of the report. Barr said Mueller's team found no evidence that Trump or anyone associated with his campaign conspired or coordinated with Russian Federation. Barr himself subsequently concluded that Mueller's inquiry had not found sufficient evidence to warrant criminal obstruction charges against Trump.

Democrats in the House made it official and partisan, voting 24-17 along party lines to authorize subpoenas, but waiting before firing them off.

Democratic efforts to compel the release of the Mueller report to Congress from the Department of Justice ended as expected on Wednesday, but not without vocal pushback from Republicans. "If we can not reach an accommodation, then we will have no choice but to issue subpoenas for these materials".

"We are entitled to that information and we need that information", Nadler told reporters on Thursday.

Those interviewed by the Times declined to fully explain why the Mueller investigators believe their findings were more damaging to Trump than Barr disclosed.

In his statement, Barr defended the decision to release a brief summary letter two days after receiving the report on March 22. The panel's chairman was able to make the request because of a 1924 law that gives the chairmen of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee broad powers to request and receive the tax returns of any American.

A senior Justice Department official told Fox News that The Post's reporting was "not true", and claimed the outlet is guilty of "misreporting". Most of the documents were provided, however, and Harriett Miers, the former White House counsel under President George W. Bush, had to testify under oath, but in a closed, transcribed hearing.

Some in Mueller's office do not believe Barr's letter portrayed their investigation's final findings in an accurate manner, stipulating that their conclusions were more troubling than what Barr laid out in his letter.

"According to polling, few people seem to care about the Russian Collusion Hoax, but some Democrats are fighting hard to keep the Witch Hunt alive", Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

The vote also gives Nadler the discretion, Politico added, "to issue a subpoena at any time to Attorney General William Barr, a move that likely would launch a legal confrontation between Congress and the Justice Department".

Under those regulations, at the conclusion of Mueller's investigation, Barr was required to provide Congress with "with an explanation of each action". And he said that Mueller did not reach a conclusion "one way or the other" as to whether Trump's conduct in office constituted obstruction of justice.

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