Happy 15th birthday Gmail, thanks for the scheduled sending feature

Happy 15th birthday Gmail, thanks for the scheduled sending feature

Happy 15th birthday Gmail, thanks for the scheduled sending feature

The new features are available now, in case you want to schedule an email for Gmail's 30th anniversary.

Google has announced to make Gmail more assistive by updating Smart Compose an AI-powered feature which allows users to write emails faster. Google is also bringing the Smart Compose feature, which predictively finishes words and sentences, to Android devices.

"It will personalize suggestions for you, so if you prefer saying "Ahoy", or "Ello, mate" in your greetings, Smart Compose will suggest just that".

The best part about this is that you can set these preferences on a per-account basis, so you can ensure you get all your work emails, but aren't annoyed by constant auto-emails on your personal email address, while still getting personal emails from people you care about.

You also get support for widgets with Spark Mail, and these are not your usual home screen widgets (Spark now doesn't offer those).

Smart Compose, which was launched in May, 2018, is also being extended to the Gmail app, though only the Android version for now. Users will be able to choose a date and time to send an email after composing it earlier. "It can even suggest a subject line based on the body of the message you've written", explained Google in an official blog post.

Gmail's latest features aren't almost as consequential. Also, the language support will be now available on Android devices. Considering it's not a very complex one, we're surprised it took so long for Google to implement it.

The Gmail team has been hard at work porting features from the alternative client to their own app.

"This makes it easier to stay focused on the task at hand since you won't have to open a new tab or leave your inbox", Bank said. Some of these features were first tested in the now-dead Google Inbox which was the feature-testing mail service for Gmail.

So what are your options if you're coming from the shuttered email app? To schedule an email within Gmail, you'll need to pull down the "Send" button, which is now a drop-down menu. So, you no longer need to keep your old Yahoo address in a separate place, you can use all of Spark Mail's features to manage your email from every provider out there.

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