Google Stops Selling the Pixel 2

Google Stops Selling the Pixel 2

Google Stops Selling the Pixel 2

And sure enough, if you navigate to the Google Store and browse its Phones section, you'll see only one handset listing now, for the Pixel 3 family. Admittedly, Google could have perhaps chosen a better date to publish its April 2019 security bulletin for Android phones in general and its own Pixel phones. It has quietly removed the standard and XL models from the store leaving only the Pixel 3. During the time when the new devices were officially unveiled, the Pixel 2 XL was discounted to $699 while the Pixel 2 remained unchanged at $649.

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Google has also provided the factory images that you can download to flash your Pixel model with the latest update.

Rumors have suggested it will either be called the Pixel 3 Lite or Pixel 3A.

Even though the Pixel 2 only launched less than two years ago, the discontinuance is not unusual for Google.

About PHA installs from outside the Play Store, Google claims Android's Google Play Protect anti-malware system prevented 1.6 billion PHA installation attempts a year ago and stopped 73 per cent of PHA installs from outside the store, marking a 20 per cent improvement. That doesn't make it any less a shame.

The decision to discontinue the Pixel 2 lineup is hardly surprising. It is honestly a shame that Google chose to scrape the phone series, which is the complete opposite of what Apple is doing.

Retailers, including Argos, have cut the cost of the Pixel 2 with prices now starting from just £359.95.

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