First 'Joker' Teaser Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Loses His Damn Mind

First 'Joker' Teaser Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Loses His Damn Mind

First 'Joker' Teaser Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Loses His Damn Mind

"She told me I had a objective, to bring laughter and joy to the world" (this is the only scene in which we see Arthur with a genuine smile on his face).

It's terrifying, and also totally awesome.

The 44-year-old actor is transformed into the classic Batman villain in the poster, with his hair slicked-back and his face painted with white makeup and a red clown smile.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Intriguing, I want to see it. Joaquin Phoenix has the acting chops to pull this off".

Some viewers were able to put their fear aside to take note of some important Easter eggs hidden within the horrorscape. Phoenix has described the movie as feeling more like a low-budget indie than a giant comic book movie, while Marc Maron recently shared "Joker" is the "character study of a mentally ill person".

Sure, at this point, no one's actually seen Joker - just a really well-cut trailer for it.

"Joker movie in theaters on October 4". Over the course of the trailer, we see Arthur spiral into madness as he realizes he can turn his tragic life into a "comedy".

Phoenix had fairly sizeable shoes to fill as the Joker, given the acclaim that greeted Heath Ledger's stunning performance as the character in Nolan's The Dark Knight.

Directed and co-written by Oscar nominee Todd Phillips, Joker centres around the life of the supervillain. With some nail-biting moments and Nat King Cole's song Smile paying in the backdrop, Joker trailer will incite the curiosity of fans to a different level altogether.

Joker happens to be a psychological thriller which stars Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role. Whatever I think, if you get a call and someone says, "Hey do you wanna do a scene with Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix?' your principles fall to the wayside".

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