Azerbaijani President congratulates Turkish counterpart over local polls win

Azerbaijani President congratulates Turkish counterpart over local polls win

Azerbaijani President congratulates Turkish counterpart over local polls win

On Friday, the 30th of March, the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that a positive trend had been approaching on the Turkish Lira exchange rate, yet the trend had not yet reached an ideal level, apparently as an effort to uplift domestic sentiment ahead of Sunday's (March 31st) local election.

Differing results published by Anadolu Agency, which now places Yildirim in the lead by 0.5 percent, were not not provided by the country's official electoral authority, the YSK chief added.

"This is what the AKP voter said: 'Yes there are serious economic problems but Erdogan is the person who can solve them"'.

Mansur Yavas obtained 50.9 percent of the vote, while AKP's Mehmet Ozhaseki had won 47.06 percent, with 99.8 percent of the ballots counted, the Hurriyet Daily news reported.

The loss in Istanbul, analysts said, would be especially sensitive for Erdogan, who grew up in city's working-class Kasimpasa neighbourhood, and liked to tell AKP rank-and-file that victory in the city was like winning Turkey.

The renewed slip in Turkey's financial markets and uncertain policy reaction to recession raises a risk of further capital flight, Moody's said, adding that the results of local polls will likely determine the future path of macroeconomic policy.

The opposition candidate for Istanbul mayor Ekrem Imamoglu was leading by almost 28,000 votes with most ballot boxes counted, Supreme Election Board (YSK) chairman Sadi Guven said.

"Early elections are out of the picture due to the fact that it did not suffer major losses in terms of vote numbers, but the result might set a context for wider discussions within the party and the conservative camp in Turkey about policy choices".

Turkish opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has secured its first victory in the mayoral election in Ankara since 1994, with the party's candidate outrunning his rival from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) by a narrow margin.

In a speech to supporters on Sunday night, Erdogan appeared to accept AKP defeat in Istanbul, although he said that most neighborhoods in the city were held by his party. The government previously had replaced elected HDP mayors with government-appointed trustees for alleged links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

The ruling party's mayoral candidate for Istanbul says it's still too early to call the race in Turkey's largest city as party officials prepare their objections to the vote count.

If Imamoglu wins in Istanbul, the opposition will administer the three most populous cities. The opposition won Ankara, a ruling party stronghold for decades, and was leading a tight race for mayor in Istanbul, according to unofficial figures Monday.

Turkey will also have its first communist mayor, in the eastern province of Tunceli.

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