Wreckage of downed Pak F-16 seen in PoK

Wreckage of downed Pak F-16 seen in PoK

Wreckage of downed Pak F-16 seen in PoK

"Let's sit together to talk to find a solution", Khan said. To this, the MEA, in a statement, said, "India also strongly objected to Pakistan's vulgar display of injured personnel of the Indian Air Force in violation of all norms of International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention".

Two Indian Air Force pilots are now in the captivity of Pakistan's armed forces. He appeared in good health as he was questioned about his hometown, his aircraft and his mission. One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K while other fell inside IOK. As recently as November, Pakistan's Khan spoke of "mending ties" with India.

Indian and Pakistani military assets are likely to be prioritised in a localised military conflict in Kashmir, rather than critical infrastructure in the disputed region and along the actual border. Gen. Asif Ghafoor said.

Pakistan earlier on Wednesday said it shot down two Indian planes and captured two pilots. Two dead bodies were discovered, said an officer. "We are ascertaining the facts", it added.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Air Force jets violated Indian airspace and dropped bombs near Indian army force Wednesday and according to reports, one of the jets was shot down in Indian retaliatory fire.

Kumar said India was still "ascertaining" whether its pilot was in Pakistan's custody.

If you followed certain Indian media outlets in the early hours of Tuesday, you probably heard that Indian Air Force jets swooped into Pakistani airspace and carried out devastating strikes on militant camps, killing roughly 300 fighters. They gave no cause for the crash. In a statement, the Pakistani government said on Tuesday that it would "respond at the time and place of its choosing".

Wednesday's aerial attacks across the Line of Control (LoC) dividing Indian and Pakistani territory in Kashmir are the first since a war in 1971.

Ghafoor, the Pakistani military spokesman, said the strikes were aimed at "avoiding human loss and collateral damage".

"I once again invite India to come to the negotiating table", said Khan, who has called for dialogue with New Delhi in the past. Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Bhutan and the Maldives are members as well as India, Pakistan and Nepal. If this escalates, it will no longer be in my control or in Modi's.

The latest escalation marks a sudden turnaround in relations between the two countries, that both claim Kashmir in full but rule in part.

There is a very high risk of escalation towards localised, but more intense direct Indian-Pakistani military confrontation in Kashmir.

Pakistan's ministry of information also released a video which appears to show the downed jets and a number of military personnel on the scene. It accused Pakistani soldiers of firing mortars and missiles "from civilian houses, using villagers as human shields".

Moreover, neither country would want to see a rapid escalation of military tensions as not only would it raise worldwide concern, but it would also severely impact the growth outlook in both countries at a time when Pakistan is in the process of negotiating a deal with the IMF and India is trying to transform its economy into a manufacturing powerhouse by means of liberalising parts of its economy to foreign investment.

Tension has been elevated since a suicide vehicle bombing by Pakistan-based militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir killed at least 40 Indian paramilitary police on February 14, but the risk of conflict rose dramatically on Tuesday when India launched an air strike on what it said was a militant training base.

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