Theresa May offers MPs chance to delay Brexit

Theresa May offers MPs chance to delay Brexit

Theresa May offers MPs chance to delay Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that, if British lawmakers once more reject her withdrawal agreement in a vote due to take place by March 12, they will get to vote on asking her to request that the European Union delay Brexit.

She is hoping to bring back a tweaked divorce accord for a vote, which could come as early as next week but may not take place until March 12.

But those expectations have in turn been tempered after some lawmakers signaled their opposition to May's offer of a vote on a delay.

Britain agreed to settle a claim with Eurotunnel over the government's preparations for a no-deal Brexit in order to ensure that vital goods would still be able to flow into the country, Prime Minister Theresa May's spokeswoman said. Against the euro, the pound was flat at 85.72 pence.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this week said the party would support holding a second referendum after its own Brexit plan was rejected by MPs.

But further, get this, in great news for Brexiteers, without EU MEP elections the United Kingdom will also not be able to revoke the Article 50 letter and reverse Brexit either, because we would have no elected MEPs and no seats to put them in!

But if she fails, she has promised MPs votes on March 13 and March 14 on whether to leave the bloc without a deal, and if not, to seek a short delay. They have deliberately made progress slow and hard.

Spain plans at first to allow British nationals to stay if they hold a simple certificate of residency delivered to them, as to any other European Union citizen, before Britain's exit, Spain's draft decree published on Friday showed.

Lawmakers also rejected a proposal on Wednesday by the Scottish National Party calling for a no-deal Brexit to be ruled out under any circumstances.

Business leaders are triggering contingency plans to cope with additional checks on the post-Brexit UK-EU border they fear will clog ports, silt up the arteries of trade and dislocate supply chains in Europe and beyond.

Governments in European Union countries, as well as in Britain, have warned of potential disruption to trade and travel.

Confederation of British Industry head Carolyn Fairbairn said leaving without a deal would be "a wrecking ball on our economy" and giving the option to delay "feels like an option on sanity".

Westminster sources last night suggested that Mrs May's DUP allies - seen as the key to securing widespread Tory support - are also looking for "a ladder to climb down" after opposing the PM's deal in January. FUW President Glyn Roberts said.

"Today, we need above all a decision, it's more important than extra time", Barnier told a news conference in Vienna, adding that the Brexit process stood at a "grave moment".

Does anyone really think that the European Union is just going to undo all their Brexit preps and put all the previous procedures in place so we can have an extra couple of weeks grace time?

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