Search halted in Nigerian school collapse

Search halted in Nigerian school collapse

Search halted in Nigerian school collapse

Associated Press video showed rescuers carrying several dust-covered, stunned-looking children from the rubble, to cheers from hundreds of people who rushed to the scene.

Speaking on the incident, the Lagos State Management Agency (LASEMA) said search-and-rescue operation would continue till all those trapped are rescued.

The South-West Zonal Head of Public Affairs of the Agency, Ibrahim Farinloye said the rescue operation was ongoing as at 8pm.

NEMA has said that 37 people were rescued alive. A teacher also made a telephone call that she was trapped alongside 15 children.

NAN gathered that about 10 different families occupied the first and the ground floors, while the school occupied the second and fourth floors.

Presidency Muhammadu Buhari said in a statement he was "extremely saddened" by the building collapse.

However, the occupants frustrated the demolition. Both said not all children were at the school because of sports activities.

In a condolence message to the families of the victims, the APC leader said the pupils who died did not deserve to die the way they did.

Children are carried out of rubble in Nigeria after a three-story school building collapsed while classes were in session.

Local resident Yomi Olaniyi, 42, said four buildings had collapsed in the area in the past few years.

Many children feared dead, trapped as school building collapses in Nigeria (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Mohammed Muftau, a resident who witnessed the collapse, told BBC News that the building had been cracking for long time and that complaints had been raised about it.

"It is unfortunate that such incident happened".

Ambode said most of the buildings in the area had been marked for demolition, but that some property owners in the area defied such notices.

Mr Akin said he was away at work, when he received the news of the incident, adding that the owner had done repairs two years ago.

"In a systematic approach to curtail occurrences of building collapse, 149 distressed building were identified at different locations of which 40 of such have been removed while the next phase of 38 structurally defective structures have been earmarked for removal".

Local media reported the building houses a school, and more than 40 people were rescued, though it is not yet clear if there are any casualties.

Residents said some 100 children had attended the nursery and primary school, and people were searching through the tangle of rubble and metal on Thursday to find any belongings of their loved ones.

"Please, save my child, save my child!" wept one traumatised mother whose seven-year-old daughter was trapped inside, as people tried to console her.

At the Lagos Island hospital, Adedoyin was relieved that her daughter was out of the building, but her thoughts turned to her son Taiwo, whose whereabouts she still did not know.

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