North Korea mulls suspending denuclearization talks with USA, diplomat says

North Korea mulls suspending denuclearization talks with USA, diplomat says

North Korea mulls suspending denuclearization talks with USA, diplomat says

The talks broke down because the US side was "too busy with pursuing their own political interests and had no honest intention to achieve a result", Choe said in comments carried by Russian state news agency TASS. Pyongyang announced that Kim Jong-un will shortly decide whether he intends to continue his moratorium on missile and nuclear tests after the failure of the Hanoi summit to make progress toward resolving the standoff on the Korean peninsula.

She refused to comment when asked if recent activity at North Korea's launch sites indicates a new missile test or "satellite launch" - i.e. a disguised missile test - might occur soon. Instead she blamed Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton for hardening the United States position.

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un take a walk after their first meeting at the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi hotel, February 28, 2019, in Hanoi.

According to Choe, the decision will be included in an official statement from Kim concerning the direction North Korea plans to take in the wake of the Hanoi summit.

Vice foreign minister Choe on Friday said the DPRK leader had been surprised by the U.S.'s "eccentric" position in the aftermath of the summit.

The Asian Forum Japan's Senior Fellow, Jonathan Berkshire Miller, said that following the "humiliating" summit in Hanoi, Kim used his address to reiterate to the global community that North Korea wasn't looking to have all sanctions dating back to 2009 removed, but the sanctions that have been the most impactful.

"We continue to work" to deliver on that, Pompeo said.

"Just in the past hour, I spoke with my South Korean counterpart and we've discussed their reaction and our reaction, but I would like to speak further within U.S. government before we respond", Bolton told reporters on the White House North Lawn Friday.

"'On our way back to the homeland, our chairman of the state affairs commission [Kim] said, 'For what reason do we have to make this train trip again?" she said. "And following that we continued to have very professional conversations".

"Sometimes you have to walk", Trump said during a news conference following the conclusion of the talks, which broke up earlier than planned.

Trump, who has said the United States has ended the nuclear threat from North Korea, said Kim had offered to take some steps to dismantle his nuclear arsenal, but hadn't gone far enough. "We have every expectation that he will live up to that commitment".

South Korea's presidential office, Cheong Wa Dae, responded cautiously to the reports of Choe's comments. North Korea has always been good at throwing brushback pitches, spiking up hostile statements while looking for diplomatic openings. "I'd like to speak further within the USA government before we respond".

China - North Korea's neighbour and only ally - urged patience and for further dialogue opportunities between Pyongyang and Washington.

That definition, White House National Security Advisor John Bolton said last week, called for the "elimination of their nuclear weapons program", as well as a decommissioning of Pyongyang's "chemical and biological weapons... and their ballistic missile program ended as well".

Joel Wit of the 38 North think tank said North Korea was likely toughening its negotiating position after the collapse of the Hanoi summit.

'This time we understood very clearly that the United States has a very different calculation to ours, ' she added.

At the State Department on Monday, Pompeo said that the North Korean offer in Hanoi "simply didn't rise to the level that was acceptable given what they were asking for in exchange".

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