MOFA: China provided traffic support for Kim's journey to Vietnam

MOFA: China provided traffic support for Kim's journey to Vietnam

MOFA: China provided traffic support for Kim's journey to Vietnam

Before their first summit in June, there was a lot of talk about what denuclearization would look like.

"Now that we're meeting here again like this, I'm confident that there will be an excellent outcome that everyone welcomes, and I'll do my best to make it happen", Kim said.

The White House did not say why the move was made and it was unclear who booked first. The venue has not been announced.

For example, after his private meeting in Singapore with Kim, Trump's declaration of a halt to major USA military exercises with South Korea came as a surprise to the Pentagon and to Seoul.

Noting recent efforts by both sides to bridge the gap between them, Prof Koh said the success of the summit will depend on whether the two leaders can agree to a road map for implementation of agreed measures.

Trump will be trying to convince Kim to give up his pursuit of nuclear weapons at a hotel that has bomb shelter that protected the likes of actress Jane Fonda and singer Joan Baez from American air raids during the Vietnam War.

Whether or not there will be one likely is going to depend heavily on what progress the summit yields of peace talks.

Many experts argue that the statement is vague and doesn't provide a clear guideline for dismantling North Korea's nuclear arsenal.

Speaking to Sputnik's Loud and Clear, radio host Brian Becker noted that North Korea wants a guarantee that the United States will not engage in future nuclear intimidation tactics, while Washington has its own goal: denuclearization.

Evans Revere, a former USA negotiator with North Korea, said Trump was under pressure, given the criticism and other domestic problems, and Kim might try to use that.

"If they want us to believe that's how the foreign media is talking about [Kim] then they need to present the foreign media as it is", said the source.

For North Korea, which remains technically at war with the United States, the Vietnamese growth model would "definitely help" the country, a diplomat in Beijing said.

But what would Trump get in exchange for such an agreement?

US concessions could include opening liaison offices or clearing the way for inter-Korean projects.

The President commented: "Vietnam is thriving like few places on earth. North Korea would be the same, and very quickly, if it would denuclearize", Trump said on Twitter ahead of the meeting.

Trump sent a tweet touting North Korea's "AWESOME" potential if his "friend" Kim takes the non-nuclear route.

Washington would ideally like Kim to dismantle a key nuclear facility at Yongbyon, allow in worldwide inspectors, or even hand over a list of all his nuclear assets - something the North Koreans have categorically refused to do.

Anticipation has also been rising about the impending release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election, though a senior U.S. Justice Department official said on Friday it would not come this week.

He was greeted in Hanoi by cheering crowds behind barriers near the colonial-era Hanoi Opera House before arriving at the Melia Hotel, where he was expected to stay this week.

But on Tuesday, Vietnam's Foreign Minister said they were being relocated to an global media filing center about a seven-minute walk away.

Still, Trump was unable to ignore the drama playing out thousands of miles away, tweeting that Cohen "did bad things unrelated to Trump" and "is lying in order to reduce his prison time".

Trump did not answer a question from a reporter about his former attorney Michael Cohen's congressional testimony.

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