Mike McCarthy involved in incident at HS basketball game

Mike McCarthy involved in incident at HS basketball game

Mike McCarthy involved in incident at HS basketball game

According to TMZ, McCarthy is now under investigation after berating and following a ref around during his stepson's game at Pulaski High School.

Here's video footage that shows the man now identified as McCarthy coming out of the stands and following the officials and yelling at them. Pulaski athletic director Janel Batten went a little further, saying McCarthy, the aforementioned parent in question, used "unsportsmanlike language".

It happened following the February 26 Pulaski-Notre Dame Academy Boys Basketball game in Pulaski. At one point a referee can be seen pointing at McCarthy.

"Knowing the value of youth and high school sports as a learning opportunity which is an extension of the classroom, we appreciate the roles that players, coaches, officials, and spectators have in providing meaningful opportunities to our student athletes". McCarthy's stepson is a member of the Notre Dame team.

Mike McCarthy has gone from National Football League head coach to full-on sports parent in a matter of months. The Pulaski School District says the report was not filed by the district, but by game officials involved in the incident.

'We have been contacted by the WIAA regarding last night's basketball game, and we are now looking further into this situation, ' the statement from Mathu reads.

Batten stressed the importance of respecting the officials, mentioning that officials receive escorts to and from the court at Pulaski. Obviously, the former Packers coach didn't like the call and had flashbacks of his time in the NFL.

He had a 135-85-2 record and won one Super Bowl title during his tenure with the team.

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