How Will Apple's News And Video Products Affect The Media Industry?

How Will Apple's News And Video Products Affect The Media Industry?

How Will Apple's News And Video Products Affect The Media Industry?

Apple has announced Apple Card, a new digital credit card that's going to work seamlessly with your iPhone.

Apple's high-end, minimalist design is nothing new, though, at least when it comes to credit cards. Many experts say that 2% cash back will not be attractive at all.

The only difference is that it won't link to your current bank with Apple looking after all the payments and bills. Oddly enough, that is the same day Apple announced its own Apple Card credit card. That said, here's what we know about Apple's new credit card, which becomes available to qualifying applicants in the USA this summer.

Within the app: the card will still be held in the Waller app on an iPhone, where it can be used in conjunction with Apple Pay, as well as in its physical format. With the card service, Apple can further diversify its income streams by tapping the transaction fees arising from each transaction using the card. Since it lives in your Wallet app, all you'll need is to make sure you have your phone on you.

The new Apple TV update will now include channels like HBO, PBS, CBS, Acorn TV, and Tastemade without users having to use a third-party app. Apple is partnering up with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to issue the Apple Card.

Mr Brislen said Apple Arcade would appeal to "hardcore gamers" who would be happy to pay once and play without restrictions.

According to the keynote, updating personal information for the Apple Card is simple: just message Apple and that's it.

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With the help of Mastercard, Apple has enabled Apple Pay to be widely accepted worldwide.

While some credit cards have you earn points, the Apple Card has you earn Daily Cash.

As for the rewards system, Apple introduced Daily Cash, which automatically sends money back to users' accounts for every purchase they make. Plus, if you don't remember a certain purchase, you can see the location of your transactions.

The percentage you get varies depending on where you spend the money: you'll get 3% back on everything you buy from Apple and 2% back whenever you use Apple Pay. Apple's high-margin services business, which includes the App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, iTunes and iCloud storage, showed healthy growth of 19% to $10.88 billion, putting the company on track to reach its of annual goal of $50 billion by 2020. It's done through color-coded categories like Entertainment (orange) or Food and Drinks (pink). Bearing no numbers whatsoever, the physical card also contributes to Apple's objectives to keep everything more secure. Apple Inc. well-known in the industry for keeping its products secret until finished, did not reveal key pricing details for most of its new services, which eventually unnerved investors and pushed the share prices slightly down. The interest rate charged will depend on the credit scores of the users.

It looks different from a traditional credit card - it has no number on the front, and the users' name is etched in metal.

This will be the first launched in the industry that encourages and promises users to pay fewer interest rates while offering transparency. Those late fees - which can go up to $28 for the first time and $39 for subsequent late payments - can add up if you're frequently behind on payments. The card will also give you smart payment suggestions so that you pay more than you usually would; hence, you can pay off your balance faster, which can also help you save on interest.

Even at half the rate of return rivals get, Goldman's credit-card business would still beat the group's overall yield on assets, which was 1.1 percent a year ago.

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