How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger in Seconds

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger in Seconds

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger in Seconds

In the last few days, Facebook has started quietly rolling out a secret "dark mode" for Messenger that gives the app an inverted, white-text-on-black-background look.

Keep in mind that if this method does NOT work, Facebook may have not rolled out the feature to your account yet.

"It's now unclear if this method works in all countries and platforms, but Redditors from the Philippines, Portugal, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia report that it worked for them", the GSMArena reported on Saturday. Dark mode cuts down the glare from your phone for use in low light situations, so you can use the Messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.

After tapping on the "Try It in settings" option, you will be directed to your Messenger profile where you should see the option to turn on Dark Mode just under your name.

Doing so, will shower the screen with moons, and allow users to enable the feature via a newly enabled settings option.

Facebook is now giving users a 10-minute window to delete messages after they've been sent.

To activate the app, you'll just need to send someone a crescent moon emoji through chat and click on the ensuing pop-up menu, according to Android Police. You'll also need to ensure you're running the latest version of Facebook Messenger.

Once done, a whole load of moons with tongue wagging drop down and confirms the presence of dark mode.

You should see moon emoji rain down from the top of the screen, which means dark mode has been unlocked.

By setting the unsend cutoff at 10 minutes, it means you can't delete messages that were sent long ago in a conversation.

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