Facebook & Instagram experience massive outage across US & Europe

Facebook & Instagram experience massive outage across US & Europe

Facebook & Instagram experience massive outage across US & Europe

However, Facebook's outage happened less than 24 hours after Google's ecosystem went down for more than an hour yesterday.

"We're aware that some people are now having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps", Facebook tweeted.

It's not clear what caused the issue but a spokesperson for the social networking giant confirmed that the company is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it. We expect this to be resolved shortly.

Facebook's main product, its Messenger service, image-sharing site Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp have all been disrupted.

Instagram has not issued a message through Twitter.

Some users are able to access parts of Facebook, but not all.

A number of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users have said the websites are down.

Thousands have taken to Twitter to report the outage.

Shit sucks, basically. Shit sucks so much that some desperate Facebook and Instagram users are calling the cops, urging them to do something about this global outage.

Facebook users logging on to social media site reported getting a message stating that the site was doing "required maintenance".

When I turned to Facebook's support page, I saw this.

Some people suspected that the outages indicated there was a sweeping cyberattack on the social media sites.

People reported having trouble loading the website and sending emails.

According to DownDetector, users all around the world are now experiencing problems with the platforms. As of 5:45am WA time service was restored to some but other users were still reporting problems.

This story is developing.

Even Facebook itself has gone onto Twitter to announce the outage.

Facebook tweeted it was aware of the problems and was working on a solution.

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