China Shields Masood Azhar Again | China Backs Terror | India Development Debate

China Shields Masood Azhar Again | China Backs Terror | India Development Debate

China Shields Masood Azhar Again | China Backs Terror | India Development Debate

Masood Azhar is the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), which carried out a deadly suicide bombing killing 40 troops in Indian-administered Kashmir.

But China said it needed more time to examine the request, asking for a hold.

Other than Pulwama, Azhar-led JeM has been involved in several terror attacks in India over almost two decades.

The comment piece advised New Delhi to resort to quiet diplomacy instead of extensively directing aggressive rhetoric to pressurize Beijing, the Azhar issue could have been better addressed. The attack brought India and Pakistan closer to war and they hit each other's targets using air force. "Bow to Xi in China", Gandhi said in Twitter. China has been systematically providing diplomatic support, economic investment and arms to Pakistan.

"China blocking Masood Azhar's designation as global terrorist reaffirms Chinese position of being an inseparable ally of terrorism's breeding ground-Pakistan", he tweeted Wednesday. "In 2019, India has the worldwide support", she said.

China proposed the "technical hold" to the listing application in order to give more time for the committee to deliberate and for further negotiations among the relevant parties, Lu added, noting that China will maintain a constructive and responsible attitude and hopes that disputes can be solved through dialogue. It referred to the fact that Rahul Gandhi's grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, had refused to take the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat when an offer was made by the U.S., and instead suggested China's name. "The FM assured me that Pakistan would deal firmly with all terrorists and will continue steps to deescalate tensions with India". "China conducts mining on Arunachal border and attempts to build tunnels", they said. The MEA has expressed its disappointment, and political mudslinging ensued soon when Congress president Rahul Gandhi said PM Modi is scared of Xi Jinping and BJP responded by saying that Congress is happy with the outcome.

India is in the throes of an election campaign and, in the politically charged atmosphere, China's decision has become an issue with the opposition Congress president Rahul Gandhi labelling it as a diplomatic failure on the part of the government.

Meanwhile, China was the only country in the UNSC to block the proposal to designate Azhar as a terrorist under a resolution that imposed sanctions on supporters of Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and the Taleban.

With the move blocked by China, India has to take the battle to the world stage. "China is full of sincerity and ready to work with India to build on the consensus of our leaders for greater progress in the bilateral relations".

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