Captain Marvel: Samuel L. Jackson on His MCU Advice for Brie Larson

Captain Marvel: Samuel L. Jackson on His MCU Advice for Brie Larson

Captain Marvel: Samuel L. Jackson on His MCU Advice for Brie Larson

It did that and then some. The $302 million that Captain Marvel made for its opening weekend is the sixth-biggest opening in the history of movies on a worldwide basis.

Overseas Captain Marvel also managed to astonish with $302 million, giving the film the fifth highest global opening weekend of all-time and the sixth largest worldwide debut ever, for an estimated total of $455 million all-in.

Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel witnessed a limited growth on the second day of its release. Another trade analyst Girish Johar also echoed similar prediction for the Marvel film. I think you see that in their box office.

We're glad to see Marvel experience success as it brings in this new era of the MCU. Some fans were responding to the film's "liberal politics and diverse casting", as well as "Larson's call for more women and people of color in film", according to The Washington Post's Steven Zeitchik.

Captain Marvel is expected to stay on top of the box office throne at least for the next couple of weeks. The movie will stand behind Black Panther, which opened to $200 million past year. "#HigherFurtherFaster", the Captain Marvel Twitter account wrote alongside photos of Larson meeting fans and giving them popcorn.

As if to prove how little added hype this movie needs, Marvel's own Avengers: Endgame web page remains more or less blank: There's a countdown clock, the trailer from last December that's been viewed almost 90 million times. and not much else.

Marvel Entertainment  YouTube
Marvel Entertainment YouTube

Audiences in the USA and Canada for "Captain Marvel" were 55 percent male and 45 percent female.

"Parking lot for Captain Marvel 90% empty today".

Captain Marvel has beat all films of 2019 so far to have the highest opening on Day 1. That's in part because Marvel has such a strong track record, a hero doesn't need to be a household name to entice audiences.

The total globally is $455 million. DC's "Birds of Prey" and "Wonder Woman 1984" are scheduled to arrive next year.

Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel follows the story of Larson's character Carol Danvers as she navigates a monumental war between two alien races which transcends galaxies.

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