Brie Larson shines as fearless superhero across galaxies in 'Captain Marvel'

Brie Larson shines as fearless superhero across galaxies in 'Captain Marvel'

Brie Larson shines as fearless superhero across galaxies in 'Captain Marvel'

A slow-motion explosion in a barren landscape sends Brie Larson flying to the ground, blue blood running from her nose.

"There were some designs being done for her relaunch of the character as Captain Marvel and they weren't working out", McKelvie tells Fangrrls. When she's up against a gang of Skrulls, with her forearms locked inside a pair of molten cylinders, she's game as hell, but then the cylinders come off, and it sparks a righteous "Yeah!" and a grin of triumph.

McKelvie's work has earned an increasing fanbase over the years. If we're not having an otherworldly blast, what's the point?

But Brie Larson's heroine is no damsel-in-distress.

Despite the training, directing "Captain Marvel" was a "scary and humbling" experience for Boden though the directors don't feel any obligation towards "Endgame" where Captain Marvel is already set to play a integral role as the post-credit scenes in "Infinity War" revealed. Were those memories implanted in her, or are they something real that she's repressed? In the same way, for a lot of men and little boys, Captain Marvel might not be the most influential force in their life. But this isn't another uber-fish-out-of-water comedy.

But the most important thing for the actress is that she feels powerful, confident and comfortable in what she wears.

Skrulls with their leader Talos (left, Ben Mendelsohn) arrive on earth. The actress and her co-star Samuel L Jackson teamed up with James Corden's beloved Carpool Karaoke series to sing their heart of to Ariana Grande's chart-topping track, "7 Rings". "There wasn't a budget for someone outside of the project to design a costume, but she asked her editor Steve Wacker if I could do it anyway". Vers was taught one thing: to fight this way, for these people, for this cause.

Review: 'Captain Marvel' gets an average introduction

She, however, hoped that there comes a time when a female director for a superhero film becomes a norm rather than an exception. Everything she's been told is wrong! Larson glares a lot, as she should. And that makes for a rouser of a journey.

Centering on Maria and Carol as they form new alliances, that aren't just quickly set up to propel action pieces, is fantastic.

I've really enjoyed my Bruce Bannerses and Steve Rogerses, but I liked my Carol Danvers even more.

Boden and Fleck are low-key American neorealists, and in Captain Marvel they barely retain a vestige of their signature style. Ostensibly rescued from a plane crash on Earth by an alien race known as the Kree, Carol is transformed into a robotic assassin by her charismatically-challenged mentor Yon-Rogg (Jude Law). In other Marvel movies, Fury is the guy with the eye patch who calls together the usual Avengers. It is, in fact, the Tesseract, the light box that will figure into the Avengers saga.

Those touches included the button up gloves and boots, the yellow stripes with thick black lines, and the collar but he also wanted to ensure there was a nod to the Danvers' previous costume as Ms. Marvel so he added the sash around her waist for good measure.

She comes face to face with her piloting mentor Helen Cobb's younger self - a fearless, daring woman who is also willing to shred Danvers' timeline to claim the powers of Captain Marvel for herself, and who wonders if perhaps the older Cobb wanted to gift Danvers an ordinary life.

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