Big Bang's Seungri booked on alleged sex bribery

Big Bang's Seungri booked on alleged sex bribery

Big Bang's Seungri booked on alleged sex bribery

Seungri, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, wrote on his Instagram account that he had made a decision to quit the pop industry. "As for the ongoing probe, I will take the investigation seriously to clear all the allegations", he said on his Instagram account.

"I feel like it is best from me to retire from the entertainment business at this point", Seungri said via his Instagram page, adding that the matter in which he was involved is so serious he had chose to retire.

South Korean media reported that police had confiscated Seungri's passport now that he was officially regarded as a suspect.

On March 11, a high ranking YG Entertainment employee explained to YTN Star that Seungri's retirement from the entertainment industry was decided on his own without a discussion with the agency.

Seungri, called South Korea's "Great Gatsby" for his posh lifestyle, was formally named in the investigation Sunday by Seoul police, according to local news agency Yonhap.

The five-member group, which has won a huge global following since it was formed in 2006, is taking a break after abruptly cancelling concerts scheduled for later this month.

'I have faced heavy criticism from the public for the last month and-a-half and I'm being probed by all investigative authorities in the country, ' Seungri said.

"And I can't let this cause further damage to others".

The search stems from leaked Kakaotalk messages from 2015 that are alleged to be between Seungri, CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings, and a club employee.

In the Instagram post, he apologized to fans and denied the charges.

He was also tagged in the investigation on Burning Sun for drug abuse and sexual abuse.

Seungri is expected to enter South Korea's mandatory military service on March 25 as an active duty soldier, ABS-CBN reported.

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