AirSnap gives new AirPods the tough protection they deserve

AirSnap gives new AirPods the tough protection they deserve

AirSnap gives new AirPods the tough protection they deserve

They follow the roll out of a new iPad Air (2019), iPad mini (2019), and a brand new iMac (2019), so the AirPods 2 represent the latest in a stream of new hardware launches from Apple. Nonetheless, today we are going to check out everything there is to know about Apple's new AirPods 2.

Besides the new AirPods, Apple also announced new gorgeous cases for iPhones and also visually appealing Watch bands including special edition Nike+ straps, as well as an exclusive "gradient" watch face for Apple Watch Hermès that transitions with the passage of the minute hand.

The new AirPods have exactly the same design as the first generation device, they now come with Apple's Hey Siri feature which allows you to access Siri on your iPhone by saying "Hey Siri".

The AirPods covers are available in black or white, and each set comes with three pairs plus a carry case.

If you are not interested in wireless charging, there are some AirPods 2 that come with a cheaper cable-only charging case, and they cost only $159. Some stores are even offering it for slightly less.Apple will most likely discontinue the first generation AirPods soon leaving you with the only choice of buying the new one. If you're an active person and a heavy AirPods user, all these functions will be flawless for your workouts. Users can squeeze up to five hours on a single charge, though Apple says the H1 chip provides 50 percent more talk time. There is also the option to buy the Wireless Charging Case at Rs 7,500 separately. The H1 chip is also responsible for better stable wireless connection to devices like iPhones and iPads. The original AirPods offered five hours of use, with a total 24 hours of battery life when taking into consideration their charging case, for comparison.

Better battery life You can expect the same battery time of around 5 hours but it now "offers 50% more talktime".

Beamforming microphones enable clear, crisp calls, and there are tap gestures built in for changing tracks, changing volume, and activating Siri if you don't want to use the "Hey Siri" feature. It's also worth noting that The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that Apple, at long last, approved AirPower for production.

With the launch of the second-generation AirPods, Apple has discontinued the first-generation model.

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