Respawn's 'Apex Legends' battle royale is available now

Respawn's 'Apex Legends' battle royale is available now

Respawn's 'Apex Legends' battle royale is available now

Spread online by numerous video streamers and influencers because clearly video game bloggers and journalists are incapable of keeping a secret, and corroborated on by Kotaku's always-reliable Jason Schrier, Apex Legends will see players ditch their Titans in favour of some of that sweet sweet chicken dinner.

"It's called Apex Legends and will be out on Monday for PC, Xbox, and PS4".

That last bit comes as a surprise to everyone who caught wind of Apex Legends over the weekend and just figured Respawn also had an eventual sequel up its sleeve alongside Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. "It's super cool, but it leads up to the full reveal of everything at noon (PDT)", Zampella explains in a new message. According to Slasher, the game will be a free-to-play hero battle royale for PC and console.

ORIGINAL: Apex Legends is a new Battle Royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment that is rumoured for release later this week.

"So you probably don't have to call in sick, just fake food poisoning at lunch and go home early".

You'll play in teams of three in matches with up to 60 players, and as with other battle royale titles, your can revive your teammates from a downed state.

What's unusual about the game, however, is that despite being set in the Titanfall universe, players won't be able to get into any mechs - news that likely ruffle a few feathers of franchise fans.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed its existence Sunday night via CEO Vince Zampella.

If you need context for where the game sits in the Titanfall timeline, the game is set 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2 and takes place in the Outlands, where a bunch of characters are competing in a Hunger Games-esque bloodsport. Our stream starts at 8am pt and we'll tell you everything about Apex Legends.

The stream will happen on February 4 at 12 p.m. EST. on the Play Apex Twitch account.

You'll be a participant in the Apex Games, fighting in an arena from a level playing field.

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