Respawn banned over 16000 cheaters in Apex Legends

Respawn banned over 16000 cheaters in Apex Legends

Respawn banned over 16000 cheaters in Apex Legends

Respawn has enjoyed some pretty insane success with Apex Legends since its surprise launch a couple of weeks ago. It opened to record numbers on Twitch and had millions of players since launching early this month. While the game itself does track certain statistics to display on players' banners, many are inaccessible to players in-game, especially without crafting materials.

As Respawn asserts, "cheaters suck". However, it would seem its popularity has come with a side-effect, one of mistaken identity.

If there's one thing that I feel is becoming more obvious as I get older, it's that people aren't willing to own up to their mistakes. Or they might not happen at all - but at least there's proof that Respawn are thinking about them.

Finally, ApexLBR has found what appears to be a TDM mode (team deathmatch) for Apex Legends, though it could be something from Titanfall 2 given there's the word "Pilot" at the bottom. Other new possible modes have been unearthed by @ApexUpdate, going by the name of Solo and Duos modes.

A file within the game's folder show that on week 8, something called "Octane Preview" will be introduced to the game, and along with it perhaps a new character. Some unreleased weapons have been spotted too.

Still, the studio has hinted that there is much more on the horizon for the free-to-play battle royale feature, including a nifty new least according to a recent leak. Already there are founders and starter packs with coins, skins, banners and badges, as well as Apex Coins packs of various amounts.

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