Peace portraits: Vietnam artist paints Trump, Kim for summit

Peace portraits: Vietnam artist paints Trump, Kim for summit

Peace portraits: Vietnam artist paints Trump, Kim for summit

At a barbershop tucked away in a Hanoi alley, Le Phuc Hai patiently waits for the dye to turn his black hair the orange shade of President Donald Trump's locks.

Alex Wong, US deputy assistant secretary of state for North Korea, also headed to Hanoi, and Biegun plans to depart from Washington, D.C. later this week, a diplomatic source said.

Thae, the former diplomat in London, said the unorthodox new breed of negotiators was aimed at driving a wedge between the free-wheeling Trump and his team of technocrats, who were mostly cautious and skeptical about North Korea's claims of pursuing denuclearization.

Fancy a distinctive Kim Jong-un haircut or a Donald Trump trim?

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he wants to see North Korea eventually give up its nuclear weapons program, but adds he's not in any rush because USA relations with Pyongyang are good going into next week's summit.

The American head of state - who had once sarcastically called Kim "Rocket Man" for his many test-launches of ballistic missiles in defiance of the US- showered the North Korean leader with praise in another tweet, saying that under his leadership North Korea "will become a different kind of Rocket - an Economic one!"

"I really want the two leaders, or just one of them, to come and see my works here".

The follow-up diplomacy between the two sides has borne little fruit, with North Korea complaining that Washington has yet to reciprocate for its actions.

Separately, three other sources with direct knowledge of the summit preparations told Reuters the preferred location for the February 27-28 meeting between Trump and Kim is the Government Guesthouse, a colonial-era government building in central Hanoi.

However, differences on such key issues as the road map of denuclearization, US lifting sanctions and whether to issue a war-ending declaration still haunt the two sides and hinder negotiations.

A statement from South Korea's presidential office said Moon offered his country's assistance to President Trump as a "concession" to Pyongyang in order to expedite North Korea's denuclearization.

It could take Mr. Kim at least two and a half days to travel the thousands of kilometres through China by train, from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang to Vietnam, meaning he would have to set off later this week in time for his planned February 25 arrival.

Trump planned to talk to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe about the meeting on Wednesday.

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