MWC 2019: Huawei wants us to stop worrying about Chinese spies

MWC 2019: Huawei wants us to stop worrying about Chinese spies

MWC 2019: Huawei wants us to stop worrying about Chinese spies

The geopolitical dispute between the USA and China's Huawei, the world's biggest maker of networking equipment used by phone and internet companies, is casting a pall over the four-day conference.

European governments are listening to the USA message that China's Huawei exposes telecoms networks to security risks, a senior US cyber official said on Tuesday.

"We don't do bad things", said Ping, speaking in a keynote address at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Aside from Huawei's security - an issue that is overshadowing the annual mobile fair, Read said Vodafone was open to more partnerships concerning its mobile tower infrastructure.

The security concerns are particularly acute because of the onset of 5G, with operators now making decisions which will govern the future of mobile networks slated to bring super-fast speeds for everything from computer gaming to medical surgery.

An executive order to ban Huawei's 5G telecommunications equipment has reportedly been discussed among U.S. officials due to fears that the Chinese tech company could be connected to the Chinese government - a concern the company dismisses.

Guao said at a roundtable with the media that he is aware of the president's tweets about 5G, noting that the USA should adopt the next generation network "as fast as possible" and should not "block out" more advanced technologies.

"We know that Huawei itself has been duplicitous and deceitful", Strayer said.

"We have been very successful in convincing these governments to work with us to think about these types of threats to their future infrastructure", Robert L. Strayer, the U.S. State Department ambassador for cyber and global communications, told reporters.

No doubt as we get closer to the actual release date, Huawei will be stepping up its advertising to promote the Mate X. And keep in mind that you are not going to see this phone on the shelves of any major USA carrier considering the USA government's current feelings about the company.

"There have been many revolutions in the professional, we have seen the appearance of the PC, the mobile".

"We don't want multi-layers because then we'd be very slow and cumbersome, this should be for all vendors", he said.

The worries about Huawei have already convinced some Western countries to bar or restrict the company's access to their markets, but Europe is split.

"We have to understand the opportunities and threats from China's technological offer", Jeremy Fleming, head of Britain's GCHQ signals intelligence service, said this week.

The United States, Guo said, did not represent the whole world and so Huawei could continue to succeed without the United States.

Huawei responded by branding escalators and delegate lanyards with its red-fanned logo, and unveiling a new state-of-the-art folding smartphone in an effort to reassert its status as a leading technology giant.

The United States warns that next-generation 5G equipment, which is more vulnerable to attack than previous technology, could be exploited by the Chinese government for spying if supplied by Huawei.

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