Jorge Ramos, Univision Crew Released From Detention In Venezuela

Jorge Ramos, Univision Crew Released From Detention In Venezuela

Jorge Ramos, Univision Crew Released From Detention In Venezuela

"Ramos, who interviewed Maduro's mentor Hugo Chavez three times, said Maduro accused him of siding with the government's opponents in the political fight for power now raging in Venezuela", the Associated Press reported.

A crew from US-based television network Univision said it was detained for more than two hours in Venezuela after offending President Nicolas Maduro during an interview by asking questions about poverty and his legitimacy to govern.

Maduro got up from the interview after being shown a video of young people eating from a garbage truck, according to Ramos.

Spanish-language Univision and the US Department of State called on Mr Maduro to release the journalists after Ramos rang the network to say they had been detained.

Maduro is widely viewed as an authoritarian and has been rebuked throughout the worldwide community for undemocratic practices and policies that have helped push his country into economic collapse and chaos.

Ramos and his team were deported on Tuesday and were at the airport at 0800 local (0700 ET).

The interview lasted 17 minutes before Maduro abruptly terminated it over the line of questioning that Ramos presented him.

"The United States is preparing a military invasion of an independent state", Patrushev said in an interview with Russian weekly newspaper Argumenty i Fakty.

According to Ramos, Maduro tried to grab his iPad and as he walked away, Ramos told him he was not behaving like a president, but like a dictator.

"The transfer of American special operations forces to Puerto Rico, the landing of U.S. forces in Colombia and other facts indicate the Pentagon is reinforcing its troops in the region in order to use them in an operation to remove".

Mr. Ramos recently spoke on Univision and said that Mr. Maduro also mistreated a US network ABC reporter during an interview -- calling him a liar.

Venezuela's Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez said the government had welcomed hundreds of journalists but it did not support "cheap shows".

"We were detained, there is no other word for it, for almost three hours" at Maduro's presidential palace, Ramos told reporters.

Miami, February 26, 2019-The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned the detention yesterday of a Univision news team at the Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas and its expulsion today, and called on Venezuelan authorities to immediately return confiscated equipment. "Their technical equipment was also confiscated".

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