Huawei one-ups Samsung with world's fastest foldable 5G smartphone

Huawei one-ups Samsung with world's fastest foldable 5G smartphone

Huawei one-ups Samsung with world's fastest foldable 5G smartphone

Digital Camera World was lucky enough to get a quick glimpse of the Mate X at MWC and it is a device that follows Huawei's camera phone mantra and doesn't scrimp on the imaging side of things.

On its front, the Mate X features a 6.6-inch display.

So what is it? Do you think it has a better design than the Samsung Galaxy Fold? The flexible screen actually folds backward into phone mode. The Galaxy Fold has a noticeable loop, seemingly large enough to slot in a pencil, while the Mate X is much more flat. Second, the phone includes a pop-up camera. When folded, the screen gets two separate areas, including a 6.6-inch main display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and 2480 x 1148 resolution, and a secondary 6.38-inch screen with a 25:9 aspect ratio and 2480 x 892 resolution. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer products business, announced the Mate X on Sunday in a press conference. Translation: No notches, no hole-punch displays. Instead it has a grip that takes up some of the space on the rear of the phone.

The Huawei Mate X is an impressive piece of hardware with a lot going for it. Why take a photo that your subject can't see, when you could use the rear-facing display as a "mirror" so your subject can adjust themselves for the ideal photo? Huawei has made sure that, when folded, the Mate X is a perfectly serviceable smartphone, but it has a number of party tricks too.

When folded, the Mate X will be just 11mm thick (slightly more than your average smartphone at about 9mm), but when unfolded, it's just 5.4mm thick, making it incredibly thin (while remaining sufficiently sturdy for real-world use).

The advertising banner also shows the inscription that Mate X will support work in networks 5G, which is also very interesting. It also shares the Kirin 980 processor of that phone, along with a Balong 5000 7nm 5G chipset, so it's a phone ready for the next-gen of mobile networking.

Chinese phone maker Huawei has followed Samsung in unveiling a foldable smartphone.

Using Intel's 5G mobile trial platform and Ericsson's software, the two have proved they can run 4G and 5G traffic simultaneously on the same frequency carrier. For reference last year's Mate 20 Pro only offered 40W supercharging.

The Mate X is a big phone or a small tablet, depending on how you look at it.

But nothing can be kept under wraps these days, and thus, Huawei's Galaxy Fold rival has now leaked. You get 8GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and all that unbelievable foldable tech for all that money.

Samsung has introduced us to a whole new category of a smart phone.

EE has also confirmed it will be stocking the phone in the United Kingdom, but didn't specify when it would be available.

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