Honda employee of 24 years sums up Brexit in four eloquent words

Honda employee of 24 years sums up Brexit in four eloquent words

Honda employee of 24 years sums up Brexit in four eloquent words

Honda made the announcement just a few weeks after Nissan reversed a decision to build the new X-Trail at its Sunderland, U.K., plant.

He said production at Swindon had also been in decline for some time and is now running at about half its capacity. While Honda's Swindon closure heralds a grim future for manufacturing and other employment in the town and the supply chain beyond, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that the United Kingdom jobs machine was still running smoothly.

Honda had no immediate comment on its plans. The global automotive industry is facing fundamental changes: "technological, commercial and environmental, as well as escalating trade tensions, and all manufacturers are facing hard decisions", Hawes said. Previous tariffs that applied to cars made in Japan for the EU will be scrapped by the end of this year; with the United Kingdom set to have left by then, the financial benefit for European sales to having a factory here is reduced.

"She said that she had spoken to the president of Honda to express her disappointment at the decision which is part of a global restructure that Honda is undertaking as it shifts to electric vehicles", the spokesman told reporters.

"They are clear this is based on global trends and not Brexit", Tomlinson said.

Justin Tomlinson, a Conservative lawmaker for Swindon who voted for Brexit in 2016, said he had met with the business minister and representatives from Honda who had confirmed the plans. The company will cease manufacturing current Civic sedan model in 2021 and intends to continue its business operations.

If Honda says it is shutting the factory, it will be one of several automakers reassessing their presence in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Swindon serves as Honda's European hub.

Honda said last month it would shut its British operations for six days in April to help counter any border disruption from Brexit. Regardless, this is a devastating decision for Swindon and the UK.

Hachigo said the company would begin discussions with affected workers at the factory in Swindon right away.

And a new EU-Japan trade deal will see the EU reducing the 10% duties on Japanese auto imports to zero by 2027, meaning there is less need for Japanese manufacturers to have a base in the EU.

In a statement, Honda said: "This proposal comes as Honda accelerates its commitment to electrified cars, in response to the unprecedented changes in the global automotive industry".

Dr Adam Marshall, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, Phil Smith, chief executive of Business West and Paul Britton, chief executive of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, said: "The automotive industry is a bellwether for United Kingdom manufacturing, and has a disproportionate impact on many of our business communities and on our export strength".

"Honda seems to have been preparing for this for a long time".

The EU and Japan recently struck a trade deal which lowers tariffs on both parties' vehicle exports to zero.

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