Giants making late play to join Bryce Harper sweepstakes

Giants making late play to join Bryce Harper sweepstakes

Giants making late play to join Bryce Harper sweepstakes

We're into February, and Bryce Harper has yet to find a new home. Frankly so would have everyone that had any sense, but here we are.

A team initially believed to be high on Bryce Harper's list has re-emerged. If one of Harper's desires is to join a team that will contend right away, the Giants don't feel like the right match.

"Anytime you can add an MVP to a team, it's going to make them better", Judge told TMZ Sports this week.

Both players are deserving of max contracts in the Majors. This would put the Giants payroll in the range of $179-180 million, and only give them roughly $25 million to work with before they go over the luxury tax.

The allure of playing in the Bay Area for a world-class organization appears to be something that has always attracted Harper, as these old tweets from 2013 and 2014 show.

The Giants had quietly targeted Harper over the past couple of years, but they underwent a shift in strategy when Zaidi was hired in November.

As the Harper saga drags on, it's allowed for several teams to remain part of the sweepstakes, with some hopeful to convince him of signing a short-term contract. Essentially, the team has ways to be flexible with their money. San Francisco is desirable for him because its close to Vegas. "Nolan Arenado's progress on a multi-year extension with the Rockies, which would remove him from next offseason's free-agent market if the deal gets completed, should remind the Yankees that a good plan today trumps a ideal plan for 270 tomorrows from now". It's unclear how serious they are about pursuing a lucrative deal with Harper, but NJ Advanced Media also reports that the Giants are "in the mix". That is no different with San Francisco. Sure. Is it likely, not really. Interestingly enough, maybe. While surrounded by cacti and palm trees collectively, I have had time to soak in the atmosphere of west coast baseball, and reflect on the more recent resurgence of Bryce Harper's possible appearance in pinstripes this season. Mark also indicated that the team's offer to Harper wouldn't increase.

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