Cat frozen in snow brought back to life by vets

Cat frozen in snow brought back to life by vets

Cat frozen in snow brought back to life by vets

A lucky cat found frozen and unresponsive used up one of its nine lives after being brought back to life.

A cat that appeared to be frozen solid somehow recovered after being treated at a Montana animal clinic.

When staff started treatment, Fluffy's body temperature was under 90 degrees. A normal temperature for a cat is around 100°-102°F.

Fluffy is an indoor-outdoor cat who knows her surroundings well, Dutter said.

The clinic shared Fluffy's tale in a Facebook post earlier this week.

It took seven hours, but eventually, doctors were able to bring Fluffy's body temperature back to normal.

After their beloved two-year-old tuxedo kitty Maverik had gone missing for two days, the family assumed the dead black-and-white cat they found lying on the street outside their home was their pet. Some clients found their injured cat buried in snow.

It was only after Fluffy was taken to an emergency room a few hours later that she began to show real signs of recovery.

She had to be thawed out after getting buried in snow last month.

"She was essentially frozen", said Andrea Dutter, executive director, reportedly. "We'll see if Fluffy likes that or Fluffy doesn't like that", Dr Clark said.

Because the owners weren't home at the time, they aren't positive how Fluffy got stuck in the snow. They scooped her up and immediately drove her to the vet, which is probably what saved her life.

Fluffy's owners will keep her inside after her wild adventure.

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