Body recovered from wreckage of crashed Sala plane

Body recovered from wreckage of crashed Sala plane

Body recovered from wreckage of crashed Sala plane

Nantes are threatening to take legal action against Cardiff City if the Premier League side refuses to stump up the Emiliano Sala club-record transfer fee.

The Argentine striker completed a transfer to Cardiff in January and traveled back to France.

Cardiff are said to be "surprised" Nantes have made the demand while attempts are being made to recover a body from the plane wreck that was carrying Sala and pilot Ibbotson.

The Mirror reports that Nantes sent Cardiff an email last Thursday and followed up with a legal threat on Tuesday.

A source at the Welsh club says the contract will be honoured but not before Cardiff have clarified "all the facts".

A body has been recovered from the wreckage of the plane which crashed with Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson on board.

It is understood that the agreement between the clubs was to process the payments in instalments over three years.

Bordeaux will also receive a percentage of the fee, thought to be 50 per cent, because Sala played for them from 2012-2015 before signing for Nantes.

The aircraft remains 67 metres underwater 21 miles off the coast of Guernsey in the English Channel as poor weather conditions stopped efforts to recover it.

A recovery crew eventually found the aircraft in the ocean, with a body said to be visible in the wreckage.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said: 'Following extensive visual examination of the accident site using the remotely operated vehicle (ROV), it was chose to attempt recovery operations.

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