Alec Baldwin: Looks Like Donald Trump Is Threatening My Family on Twitter

Alec Baldwin: Looks Like Donald Trump Is Threatening My Family on Twitter

Alec Baldwin: Looks Like Donald Trump Is Threatening My Family on Twitter listed a total of 184 rallies to take place across the U.S. today, including 20 in Los Angeles alone. Some held up large letters spelling, "Stop power grab". "And we'll win in the Supreme Court".

At a press conference following the declaration, Trump said the wall-building national emergency was necessary to stem the tide of illegal immigrants that he said amounted to "an invasion of our country".

Trump's declaration will shift billions of dollars from military construction to the border.

The White House said Trump would not try to redirect federal disaster aid to the wall, including future expected funding to aid victims of Hurricane Michael, a proposal they had considered but rejected over fears of a political blowback.

Since 1979, there have been 58 national emergency declarations, and 31 are still in effect, including a 1996 measure regulating boat traffic near Cuba. "Customs and Border Protection data show that unlawful entries are near 45-year lows".

Evidently, the real Donald Trump did not care much for the portrayal.

And it enumerates ways that residents of the participating states - and the states themselves - could be harmed by the diversion of funds.

The states which have signed on are all controlled by Democrats - including New York, California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Oregon and others.

There were some counter-protesters, including in Washington, where there was a brief scuffle in the crowd.

Cases appealed from that court go to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which has become a whipping post for Trump, who has derided it as "a complete and total disaster" and "a thorn in our side".

Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says the declaration sets a unsafe precedent.

Thiessen said on America's Newsroom that Trump "blew it" in 2018 when he passed on a deal of $25 billion in border security funding in exchange for a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. (Does POTUS think the show is about agents that shield a giant wall?) Meanwhile, a Playboy reporter got shot down ("Sit down or I'm switching back to Hustler.") and a "girl one" got more truth than she bargained for.

His move aims to let him spend money appropriated by Congress for other purposes. Another 3 percent of respondents said, in the days following Trump's Friday announcement in the Rose Garden, that they were unsure of how they felt.

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