Adam Levine Strips During Maroon 5's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Adam Levine Strips During Maroon 5's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Adam Levine Strips During Maroon 5's Super Bowl Halftime Show

The show included everything from a shirtless Adam Levine to Big Boi arriving in a big fur coat to Scott being introduced by Squidward of SpongeBob SquarePants.

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Maroon 5 threw just about everything at the Super Bowl halftime show: a gospel choir, a drumline, pyrotechnics, a giant letter "M" and even SpongeBob.

Maroon 5 began the show with an ethereal performance of "Harder to Breathe' as plumes of fire raced around the outer edge of the M-shaped stage".

Each transition during the halftime show didn't feel smooth, and Big Boi appearing on top of a auto in a thick mink coat added to the bizarreness of the night. "I got to sacrifice a lot of money to perform".

Cardi B for Super Bowll LIV anyone?

It was then back to Maroon 5 for Girls Like You and She Will Be Loved, before Big Boi rode in on a Cadillac convertible, minus his Outkast co-star Andre 3000, for The Way You Move.

Check out Twitter's top reactions to the Super Bowl Halftime performance below.

The LA pop band only got the gig by default after the NFL's first choice - Rihanna - turned it down in October out of support for Colin Kaepernick's peaceful kneeling protest, according to Us Weekly. DuVernay said she wouldn't be a spectator or viewer. Well, similar in that another nipple was almost-sort-of on display, after Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast during the halftime show in 2004.

Atlanta-born songstress Gladys Knight, who was also put on the defensive for accepting an invitation to sing, belted out the Star-Spangled Banner before kickoff between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots.

Maroon 5 went with "Moves Like Jagger" for the finale, complete with more fireworks outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium, lest we forget our corporate overlords.

Yet during the halftime show itself, SpongeBob fans everywhere were left disappointed.

Truth be told, we still don't forgive them for the World Cup and that bloody song that was played ALL THE TIME!

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