White House asked for options to strike Iran

White House asked for options to strike Iran

White House asked for options to strike Iran

The request from the council, which is led by national security adviser John Bolton, came after an attack in September on the US Embassy in Baghdad by Iran-backed militias, the Journal said on Sunday.

What was known until now was that Mr Bolton's National Security Council also asked the military to present the White House with options for striking Iran as a way of countering Tehran's influence in the region. No one was hurt by the shells, which landed in an open lot.

In addition, two rockets were fired toward the secure compound of the U.S. Consulate in city of Basra, in southwest Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal quoted a former senior US administration official saying of the NSC's request for military options regarding Iran, "People were shocked".

There was also an air strike near a USA diplomatic facility in Basra, Iraq.

Although the Defense Department did develop proposals for a possible strike, the Journal said it was unclear whether they were shared with the White House.

They were also under the impression that Iran was behind the unrest in Basra, the report added.

The Journal reports, "Former U.S. officials said it was unnerving that the National Security Council asked for far-reaching military options to strike Iran in response to attacks that caused little damage and no injuries".

As a think-tank scholar and Fox News commentator, Mr. Bolton repeatedly urged the U.S.to attack Iran, including in a 2015 New York Times op-ed titled, "To stop Iran's bomb, bomb Iran".

Bolton has been a leading advocate for both regime change and bombing Iran, and he is doing what he can to push U.S. policy in that direction.

The Trump administration has actually enjoyed some success in punishing Iran for its regional behavior and rallying support from Europe, despite its controversial withdrawal from the Iran deal.

He has worked with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in implementing a more hardline approach to Iran since taking office. The range and accuracy of Iran's missiles are constantly improving - largely because the world refuses to take a stand against their illegal development of ICBMs.

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