Trump says he 'never worked for Russia' in response to NYT report

Trump says he 'never worked for Russia' in response to NYT report

Trump says he 'never worked for Russia' in response to NYT report

Starr followed up, "That is awful, in fact, let me comment on that, if I may".

The statement, delivered in freezing temperatures before taking off in the Marine One helicopter for a trip to New Orleans, followed two bombshell reports.

Former special prosecutor Ken Starr said on Monday that there should be an investigation to uncover who at the FBI had leaked information to the New York Times.

A separate Washington Post report said that Trump had also aroused concerns by going to unusual lengths to prevent even his close aides from knowing the contents of conversations he had during summits with President Vladimir Putin.

The Helsinki meeting was held as special counsel Robert Mueller investigates whether members of the Trump campaign collaborated with the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Rather than call the Times report "fake news", as he has with so many other anonymously sourced Times reports, Trump used it to again claim that he was justified in getting rid of Comey. "I think it's the most insulting article I've ever had written, and if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing".

His response Monday took the entire alleged Russian Federation collusion affair head on.

Carlson told Goodstein it was unbelievable that investigators would take Trump's campaign-trail insistence on a better relationship with Moscow as evidence of collusion.

A defiant Trump, as he has for more than a year, said again Monday he did the entire country "a great service" when he fired Comey.

But the latest twists mean that the president - now embroiled in a damaging political battle with Congress over funding a Mexico border wall - can't escape the Russian Federation shadow, regardless of what he says.

President Donald Trump on Monday denied he worked for Russian Federation, a direct response to a weekend report from The New York Times that FBI investigators had opened a probe into whether the president had acted on behalf of the country.

The discredited Federal Bureau of Investigation leaders are "known scoundrels", Trump told reporters.

"That was one extreme". The other extreme is that the President is completely innocent, and we discussed that too. But we're clearly not living in normal times. As outlandish as it may be to say this about a United States president, it's becoming increasingly consistent with the facts to conclude that Trump might be under some form of Russian influence.

The president defended his decision to fire Comey.

On Sunday, congressional Democrats said the steps Trump took to keep his conversations secret brought forth uncomfortable questions about the relations between the two men and why the US president echoed some of Putin's positions. They also sought to determine whether Mr Trump was deliberately working for Russian Federation or had unintentionally been influenced by Moscow.

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