Six flu deaths in the state and number is expected to rise

Six flu deaths in the state and number is expected to rise

Six flu deaths in the state and number is expected to rise

On Thursday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reported the first influenza-associated death in Oklahoma County for the 2018-2019 flu season.

Calgary's flu season isn't over yet, the city's medical officer of health says, as the latest numbers from Alberta Health Services show 1,897 confirmed cases of influenza A in the region so far.

In short, there is still time for you to get your flu shot and keep influenza at bay during this year's flu season which would be led by H1N1 influenza strain which is threatening kids and young adults more than other segments of the population.

Local health care providers and pharmacies all over Lee County also provide flu shots.

The Kane County Health Department and the Kane County coroner's office said this week that the child died December 21 at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora. Use your TRICARE benefit to get the flu vaccine.

It's also important to remember that the flu vaccine typically helps shorten the duration and reduce the severity of your symptoms even if you do get the flu-which is another great reason to get your flu shot each year!

Dr. Jia Hu said that while the number of Calgary cases peaked in November, it's still possible for another rise in cases this season.

Older adults were more protected from the strain as it was similar to another strain that had circulated many years prior that they may have been exposed to when they were younger.

"H1N1 Is the dominant strain this year", Island Health spokesperson Meribeth Burton told Victoria Buzz.

"If you are a business owner, you should also encourage your employees to get vaccinated".

Trevor Phillips, Executive Chairman of hVIVO, said in a press release, "The successful achievement of statistical significance in the primary endpoints from two Phase II studies confirms that FLU-v has clinical impact in establishing immunity and disease, symptom and viral load reduction".

According to the CDC, in past flu seasons when the match between flu vaccine and circulating strains of flu virus is close, a flu shot is between 60 to 70 percent effective. Children as young as 6 months old can get a flu shot.

The most common symptoms of the flu include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headaches and fatigue. "We are far from the peak for the time being as the epidemic limit for our country is 500 cases per 100,000". When circulating viruses are substantially different from those in the vaccine, vaccine effectiveness can be reduced.

More Mainers are dying from the flu.

The most important thing to remember during cold and flu season is to protect yourself against these germs when you are around other people.

Nationwide, past year about 49 million people in the USA came down with influenza.

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