Several injuries in Ottawa bus crash, no immediate word of fatalities

Several injuries in Ottawa bus crash, no immediate word of fatalities

Several injuries in Ottawa bus crash, no immediate word of fatalities

The driver of the OC Transpo bus was released unconditionally pending further investigation she was arrested her and brought in for questioning after the crash Friday, Ottawa police said Saturday. "And as I got a better look, I saw how damaged the front of the bus was and it came obviously clearly right after that people were really, seriously hurt".

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said: "Devastated to hear about those who lost their lives and were injured following the horrific bus collision at Westboro Station in Ottawa".

In the night on Saturday in Ottawa (Canada) to a bus accident.

Bordeleau made it clear while police expect to release the scene Saturday, work collecting evidence, analyzing photos, videos and data, along with interviewing the almost 90 people on the bus is going to be a "slow, painstaking process". Road closures will remain in place, and people are urged to avoid the area.

"I'm not going into the details of why we arrested the driver but the fact remains that there was an arrest done".

Bilal Gill was at the back of the Route 269 bus - which doesn't stop at the Westboro station in the afternoons and heads straight from Tunney's Pasture to Bayshore - when the collision occurred.

He says at least 20 people were injured.

Two of the victims were passengers on the bus.

Ottawa's mayor Jim Watson spoke at a press conference of a "grey misfortune". Despite mid-afternoon temperatures of about minus-15, it had not snowed in Ottawa Friday and the busway is treated as a top priority for the city's snowplows, salters and sanders.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his condolences on Twitter.

Gabe Rivett-Carnac arrived at Westboro station on a double-decker bus himself about an hour before the crash.

In 2013, an Ottawa bus collided with a Via Rail train in suburban Barrhaven, killing six people. The investigation into that case found the cause was a combination of excessive speed, a hard curve before the tracks and driver distraction.

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