More airport security screeners calling off work amid shutdown

More airport security screeners calling off work amid shutdown

More airport security screeners calling off work amid shutdown

Airport employees are warning travelers to plan ahead. "They are not coming to work because they don't have the money to get to work".

The airline declined to comment about the delays and the possible effects the government shutdown may be having on travel. "A lot, a lot of passengers", Burgisser said.

I'm shocked, shocked, I say, that CNN failed to "validate its data" and didn't try to verify their story. "And I probably take the shuttle 40 to 50 times each year, 25 round trips". However, President Donald Trump today confirmed today that he told Democratic leaders of the House and Senate that he would keep the shutdown going for months or years to obtain the first stage of funding for a massive new border wall with Mexico that he's insisted upon.

Their next paycheck is scheduled for January 11.

Following previous shutdowns, government employees both required to stay on the job and those furloughed and ordered to not work have received back pay. As of Friday, those wait times remain within the agency's standards, TSA said.

In what one official dubbed the "blue flu", hundreds of blue-uniformed TSA officials have been calling out sick in recent days as the shutdown stretches on and their salaries go unpaid. "TSA is grateful to the agents who show up to work, remain focused on the mission and respectful to the traveling public as they continue the important work necessary to secure the nation's transportation systems".

"Security effectiveness will not be compromised and performance standards will not change", the TSA said on Twitter Friday.

When asked by ABC News what the slight increase can be attributed to, he said it "could be anything".

The number of TSA workers calling in sick is two to three times the routine number at Dallas-Ft.

Trash lays on the grounds of the National Mall as the partial shutdown of the US government goes into the 12th day, on January 2, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

Passengers can also avoid getting stopped with a prohibited item by making sure to check the "Can I Bring My...?" feature on to determine if they can bring an item in a carry-on, a checked bag or if they should leave it at home. Overall, 99.8% waited less than 30 minutes.

Bilello attributed the delays to normal slowness at the end of the holiday season.

The call outs are "creating a vulnerability" and screeners are "doing more with less", Johnson said. "These numbers are certainly not extraordinary".

Sea-Tac was already dealing with a shortage of TSA agents before the government shutdown.

"This will definitely affect the flying public who we [are] sworn to protect", Hydrick Thomas, president of the national TSA employee union, told CNN. We had to close the flight to be on time.

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