Kim visit to Xi possible summit prep

Kim visit to Xi possible summit prep

Kim visit to Xi possible summit prep

He said good-bye to the officials before boarding the private train.

With the visit, which runs through Thursday, Kim was adhering to a well-worn playbook that both he and his late father, Kim Jong Il, have employed.

The trip began under the usual veil of secrecy and Kim has not been spotted in public since a motorcade believed to be carrying the North Korean entourage left a Beijing train station under heavy security early Tuesday.

China's official Xinhua News Agency issued a nearly-identical report, while Beijing's North Railway Station was cocooned in security, with dozens of police and paramilitary troops patrolling outside.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was expected to meet Tuesday with China's president at the start of a visit to Beijing believed to be an effort to co-ordinate with his only major ally ahead of a possible second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump. "Kim is likely keen to seek Beijing's help to get sanctions eased". Last week, Trump confirmed he had received a personal letter recently from Kim, and told reporters Sunday that a location for a second summit will be announced "in the not too distant future". White House teams have scouted several possible venues in Asia, as well as Hawaii, but a tentative date for meeting has not been announced yet.

"Supreme interests of the state", he added, quoting Kim's speech, "means fulfilling the great national task", the state mission of the North: "Unify Korea under Kim and his ruling Workers' Party of Korea".

The office of South Korean President Moon Jae-in was likewise hopeful.

China's Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un held three summits past year before and after meetings with Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

On the other hand, Bloomberg suggested Kim might be "building closer ties with China" after a few years of tension because he wants an alternative to further denuclearization talks with the United States.

The most sensational was his June 2018 summit in Singapore with President Donald Trump.

A three-car North Korean train pulled into Beijing Railway station Tuesday morning shortly after China's Xinhua News Agency confirmed Kim would be visiting the country January 7-10. It can be said for sure that there are more Americans than Chinese thinking this way.

Whatever strategy they decide on, it is likely to include a concerted push by Beijing, Pyongyang and Moscow to convince Trump - and the worldwide community - to relent on sanctions.

Until news of Kim's departure for Beijing broke, attention outside of North Korea had been focused nearly exclusively on when, or whether, he would be making his first and much-anticipated trip to Seoul.

It is hoped that the US and South Korea can accurately understand the constructive significance of amicable China-North Korea ties to push ahead with denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. A close China-North Korea relationship is its largest source of a sense of security from the worldwide community. China has never been as supportive of sanctions as Washington.

A spokesperson for the South Korean government expressed optimism that the diplomatic discussions between the two Koreas, North Korea and China, and North Korea and the United States might build on each other.

The editorial is not exactly the bold global leadership Xi Jinping's China boasts of delivering, but it's a sterling example of a carefully hedged geopolitical bet.

As a tit-for-tat tariff war waged by Trump early a year ago has shown signs of choking China's economic growth, Xi "really wants to resolve the trade dispute with the United States", the diplomat said, adding, "North Korea can be a very good bargaining chip".

North Korea has throughout its history been a master at playing the big powers off each other.

Kim's trip comes as the USA and North Korea look to settle the North's decades-long pursuit of a nuclear arsenal.

"This is Kim's first birthday in China".

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