Huawei Employees Docked After New Year's Tweet Sent From Rival iPhone

Huawei Employees Docked After New Year's Tweet Sent From Rival iPhone

Huawei Employees Docked After New Year's Tweet Sent From Rival iPhone

Reuters reports that Huawei sent out a now-deleted New Year's tweet wishing followers a "Happy #2019", which would have been fine except for the geolocation info included along with the post, which read "via Twitter for iPhone" (9to5Mac has a pic of the tweet).

When you tweet, your tweet will often be marked with details about the specific client software and computing device used to create the tweet.

Cook noted that Apple expects iPhone revenues for the first quarter to be $9 billion lower than estimated.

Demand has been particularly low in Greater China, Apple revealed, as the country's economy is slowing and competition from local brands like Huawei is on the rise.

Like many Western services, including Facebook, Twitter is banned in China, forcing people to use VPNs if they want to access the site.

The company blamed an agency it hired for overseas social media, but also punished the two employees who oversaw ties to that agency, according to Bloomberg.

Although the blunder was made by a third-party social media company, called Sapient, the pair were disciplined for the "negative impact" on the Huawei brand caused by the incident, which highlighted "procedural incompliance and management oversight", the memo said. Last month, an official Samsung Twitter account tweeted from an iPhone. Last year, Apple admitted to throttling old iPhone models with degraded batteries to prevent further issues. One of the employees was head of Huawei's digital marketing team, according to an internal memo circulated among a number of teams.

The company has come under fire in 2018, with Washington leading efforts to blacklist Huawei internationally.

Hal Eddins, chief economist at Apple shareholder Capital Investment Counsel, said Cook's comments on how the US trade tensions with China were hurting the company's outlook "might be a dig at (US President Donald) Trump, but mostly he may be using the trade turmoil as an excuse for some missteps they've made over the previous year". Several Chinese tech companies are reported to full-on fire their employees if they're caught using an iPhone, or take the phone and fine them the cost of it (a pretty big deal when you're on factory wages).

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