HTC unveils new VR headset with eye-tracking, unlimited content subscription

HTC unveils new VR headset with eye-tracking, unlimited content subscription

HTC unveils new VR headset with eye-tracking, unlimited content subscription

During its VIVE press conference earlier today, HTC has unveiled its next virtual reality headset called VIVE Cosmos. "This will enable foveated rendering - a feature that enables reduced processing and clearer images that focus on the areas where you're looking, and will allow businesses and developers to "gather more data about their training environments" and 'help optimize computer and VR performance". This essentially means one can choose an option or move from section of an app to another by just gazing, instead of using physical buttons.

Vive Cosmos will come with the debut of Vive Reality System, which offers "core software experiences for a new age of spatial computing".

"What VR intenders say about VR today is that it's too hard to use, too hard to set up, that they couldn't take with them".

Second, by incorporating eye-tracking into the headset, many experiences like the MLB Home Run Derby VR game no longer require additional controllers to navigate things like menus or setting. However, VR enthusiasts will no doubt begin tinkering with it once it's available and begin to reveal some of the gaming applications of the headset, which we're excited to see.

The Vive Cosmos, by contrast, is aimed less at the enterprise market and more at end users, taking the position of HTC's flagship consumer-oriented PC-based VR device. The new Viveport Infinity subscription now grants access to its massive game library rather than just giving five at a time.

HTC has a new PC HMD on the way in the shape of the Vive Cosmos. Sporting the deep blue of the Vive Pro and Eye, the Cosmo looks familiar and foreign from anything HTC has previously released. HTC keeps shouting, "Hey, did you know you can buy all your VR games through Viveport?"

The motion controllers have been redesigned and now resemble the Oculus Touch more than the previous generation Vive wands.

There aren't enough details though - not for Vive Reality, not Vive Cosmos, not Vive Pro Eye, none of it. Oculus has mastered the art of revealing new products. Once robust hand tracking is ready to go, we could be enjoying entirely controller free VR experiences. "We'll have more to share in the coming months". Lastly, the company said that it is working with both Firefox and Amazon AWS to bring web browser on its VR headsets.

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