Google Assistant Now Lets You Check-In to Flights by Voice and More

Google Assistant Now Lets You Check-In to Flights by Voice and More

Google Assistant Now Lets You Check-In to Flights by Voice and More

All of us know about the annoying flight check-in process. By just saying, "Hey Google, take me home", the Assistant will immediately guide you on the most convenient route home.

OK, it's a small coaster, but after a couple years of attending CES, between the Google vending machines, the Google branded monorail, and a bunch of new features for the Google Assistant, it feels like Google is flexing on the world's biggest trade show in a way it never has before.

Google is also adding a feature that will allow Android users to access the assistant even with the phone locked.

Google Home devices will soon be able to help you have a conversation in different languages.

Google highlighted its partnership with Sonos as part of a broader publicity push for the Google Assistant at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Tuesday morning. For example, if we say "OK Google, be my French interpreter" you can get spoken and written translations (on smart screens) in real time.

Although Google Assistant will soon be available on ten times as many devices, Amazon Alexa is supported by almost three times as many smart home products.

The search giant notes that the Interpreter Mode is rolling out to the compatible devices over the next few weeks and will support a total of 27 languages.

Unfortunately, the American tech giant has not yet discussed plans to add the feature to the Google Assistant on smartphones. This is all to make sure that the experience "knits together the full ecosystem of Google Assistant, with the full Sonos system", says Sonos.

A trend quickly developing at CES 2019 is the entry of Amazon Alexa into the auto, with numerous announcements linking the digital assistant into the fundamentals of future vehicles. Each of the two human speakers gets to hear their words automatically translated. Google says they've developed this feature keeping in mind tourists and people who travel often to various countries and need to communicate with local stuff at hotels during check-in or understand local rules and schedules. The ability to check into flights is rolling out for domestic United Airlines flights first, just like the hotel booking tool. The feature has recently been integrated at hotel concierge desks across the US.

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