FLIGHT DELAYS: Seething Travelers Report 'Utter Hell' At Newark Airport

FLIGHT DELAYS: Seething Travelers Report 'Utter Hell' At Newark Airport

FLIGHT DELAYS: Seething Travelers Report 'Utter Hell' At Newark Airport

The most critical staffing shortage is the Washington shortage, which affects NY airspace in terms of incoming and outgoing flights, the spokesperson said, adding that the Newark International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport and Tampa International Airport were also experiencing delays.

The FAA also has frozen its hiring and training for new air traffic controllers, which the unions say will create a hiccup in staffing when the government finally reopens.

- Flights arriving at several airports in the Northeast were being delayed Friday morning because of air traffic control staffing issues at air traffic centers in Jacksonville, Florida and a Washington D.C. center that controls high-altitude air traffic over seven states.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that President Donald Trump has been briefed on Friday morning's delays.

"We've mitigated the impact by augmenting staffing, rerouting traffic, and increasing spacing between aircraft as needed", the FAA said.

Martin says safety is being maintained during a period of "minimal impacts" on travel. However, Friday marked the second missed paycheck in a row for federal employees, including controllers, who work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Flights from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to LaGuardia are delayed.

The unions - which represent almost 20,000 air traffic controllers, 61,000 pilots and just under 50,000 flight attendants - said the temporary shuttering of airport screening checkpoints is likely to continue.

Trump says the two sides have reached a deal on a so-called continuing resolution, which would ensure the government has the money to continue operating until February 15, and that workers will receive back pay as soon as possible.

Air traffic controllers who spoke with TIME on Thursday said that, if controllers are forced out of the job by the lack of pay due to the shutdown, it could cause massive air travel delays.

The FAA advised that travelers check their departure airport to see if their flights may have been impacted.

Officials further noted that staffing in air traffic control facilities is at a 30-year low and most controllers regularly work overtime.

Earlier Thursday the Senate failed to end the shutdown - the longest in US history - voting down two competing proposals that would have ended the impasse over funding for the wall. I'm relieved it is finally coming to an end so people can go back to work and get paid for the work they've done.

TSA has been moving agents to airports where there are shortages, and occasionally consolidating checkpoints, to prevent lines from getting too long. When is Congress going to get serious about fixing this very serious problem? "We were already short-handed in all areas".

She said she was watching the news on TV at the airport, and "that's how we found out".

A Transportation Security Administration employee stands at a booth to learn about a food stamp program at Newark Liberty International Airport, which has been affected by the government shutdown.

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