First case of flu confirmed in the city

First case of flu confirmed in the city

First case of flu confirmed in the city

During the last flu season was epidemic in Pennsylvania, almost 260 people died from flu or flu-complications.

During the 2017-2018 flu season, over 300 flu-related deaths were reported in Indiana.

"The level of activity we have at this point is actually a little bit lower than what we saw at the same point past year", Pedati said.

The flu activity level also has changed from "sporadic" to "regional", according to the health department's weekly influenza updates.

She says teach your children to do the "chicken wing", aka cough into their elbows and definitely get your flu shot if you haven't already.

"Last year was a record bad year", Brammer said.

The flu vaccine is a combination vaccine against two strains of influenza A and one strain of influenza B.

There have been 1,884 lab-confirmed cases of the flu in this region, making up 40 per cent of the total 4,634 cases across Alberta. We are averaging approximately 5-6 hospitalizations a day.

As of Thursday, influenza had killed seven people and sent another 437 to hospital in Calgary, AHS figures show. They both can infect your airways and cause coughing.

The CDC recommends that people get a flu shot before the season actually begins, but if you didn't fall in that category this year, that's alright because vaccinations are still being offered right now during the peak of flu season.

According to figures provided by the department, which cover the period between Sunday and Thursday, six of the adults who died were aged 65 or over, while the seventh was over 50, while 84 per cent of the severe cases are related to influenza A (H1).

Kelleher notes that while most people will recover from flu symptoms by themselves, anyone concerned about their condition should telephone their GP or an out of hours medical service.

Those with flu symptoms are advised to visit their primary care doctor, a Lee Health Convenient Care, walk-in or urgent care center.

Also, 66 of 67 counties have confirmed cases of the flu.

He said it was not too late to get the flu vaccine and urged vulnerable people in particular to get it.

Mission Health team members and visitors can help prevent the spread of influenza by practicing frequent hand hygiene, staying home if they are sick and getting an annual influenza vaccine.

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