Delete The Weather Channel App If You're Concerned About Your Location Data

Delete The Weather Channel App If You're Concerned About Your Location Data

Delete The Weather Channel App If You're Concerned About Your Location Data

"TWC has then profited from that data, using it and monetizing it for purposes entirely unrelated to weather or the Weather Channel App".

Users have to comb through the "Privacy Settings" and "Privacy Policy" sections of the app to find out that their geolocation data may be tracked for other purposes, the complaint said.

Depending on how the lawsuit filed Thursday plays out, it could come as a serious credibility and financial blow, not just to the Weather Company, but also IBM. TWC and Feuer's office could not be reached for comment before dawn Friday.

IBM defended TWC's disclosure practices.

Hundreds of popular apps are collecting location data that they claim is anonymous, but further analysis shows it can be easily linked to specific users.

He added, "Think how Orwellian it feels to live in a world where a private company is tracking potentially every place you go, every minute of every day".

"If the cost of a weather forecast will be the sacrifice of deeply private information - like precisely where we are, day and night - it must be clear, in advance", said Feuer in a statement. In fact, unbeknownst to its users, TWC's core business is amassing and profiting from user location data. The Weather Channel seen on TV was not acquired by IBM and is owned by a different company.

That statement is attributed to an October 13, 2016 post by Stephanie Miles, on The complaint, "If a consumer is using your product and says, 'Hey wait a minute, why do they want to know where I am?'... you are going to have some problems".

The Weather Channel app is used by 45 million people a month and was the most downloaded weather app from 2014 to 2017, according to data cited in the complaint. Any court decision would only apply to California.

Notably, data privacy is increasingly becoming a cause of concern for the lawmakers with major tech companies including Facebook and Google being subjected to intensive questioning by not only by the lawmakers in the United States and the European Union but also governments across the globe.

The complaint alleges that the Weather Channel app has collected detailed location data on app users for years and that the Weather Company has analyzed and/or transferred the data to third parties for targeted advertising and to help hedge funds understand consumer behavior.

Feuer seeks the injunction and penalties "to punish TWC for its egregious conduct and to deter TWC from engaging in the same or similar conduct in the future". It does not say how the company benefits from the information. According to TWC, it collects more than one billion pieces of location data per week, thus tracking users' personal data with "unmatched accuracy and precision".

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