Six missing after two US military planes crash off Japan

Six missing after two US military planes crash off Japan

Six missing after two US military planes crash off Japan

Meanwhile, the Japanese Foreign Ministry has expressed its regret over the crash of two United States military aircraft off the coast of the Japanese Kochi prefecture and asked the United States authorities to provide Tokyo with details on the mishap, local media reported on Thursday.

The planes "had launched from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and were conducting regularly scheduled training when the mishap occurred", a statement issued by the Marines said. The crew member was reportedly taken to a hospital at a Marine Corps base in Iwakuni and was being treated.

The Maritime Self-Defence Force said Thursday that the second person was found about 100 kilometres south of Muroto Cape on Shikoku island in southwestern Japan.

A spokesman for Japan's Self-Defense Forces said that one of the airmen had been rescued but the immediate fate of the remaining crew members was unclear.

A Japanese government official said the crew member who arrived in Iwakuni is in a stable condition.

The crew member rescued had been in the fighter jet, the minister confirmed.

The circumstances of the mishap are now under investigation, the military added.

During a normal KC-130 refuelling operation, the tanker aircraft trails a hose from the back of the plane with a so-called "drogue", shaped a bit like a windsock, at the end.

The crash is the latest in recent series of accidents involving the US military deployed to and near Japan.

Those incidents have stoked tensions between close military allies Washington and Tokyo and led to protests against the deployment of Ospreys by residents living near USA bases. There was no report of civilian ships affected by the crash.

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