AWS announces 13 new machine learning services and capabilities

AWS announces 13 new machine learning services and capabilities

AWS announces 13 new machine learning services and capabilities

The AWS Ground Station concept is created to address the cost issues of building, operating, and maintaining in-house ground stations as well as to disrupt current contracting models that lock-in users who do not own ground stations in long-term, expensive agreements.

The second type of builders are willing to trade some of the service granularity to start at a higher abstraction layer where much of the construction has already been done for them and they can get started faster.

The other service, Amazon Managed Blockchain, is aimed at those customers who intend to build applications where multiple parties can execute transactions without the need for a trusted, central authority. They can also process their data using AWS services, like for analytics, storage, processing, and streaming.

Ultrain successfully joined the Amazon AWS Activate China Initiation, which symbolizes the Amazon AWS has official recognizes the past achievements and performance of Ultrain project.

As a result, many security teams find it challenging to separate the signal from the noise, prioritise the findings that matter most, and ensure that critical information isn't missed. Another is Amazon Quantum Ledger Database, a variant of the company's database technology used to track changes within its massive cloud services.

Jassy also announced a new AWS Marketplace for machine learning. It is the latest example of the giant provider of the cloud services building next-gen processors. But the reality is many larger firms are not willing to give up their beloved data centres entirely, preferring incremental changes to preserve functionality for customers and employees.

But autonomous racing vehicles are just the tip of a huge range of machine learning services that AWS has announced this week.

Additionally, Managed Blockchain will be interoperable with the aforementioned product as it can replicate an immutable copy of the user's blockchain network activity into QLDB.

AWS Lake Formation then collects the data and moves it into a new Amazon S3 data lake, extracting technical metadata in the process to Catalogue and organise the data for easier discovery. Called AWS Outposts, it's the same EC2 hardware AWS uses in its own datacentres.

AWS will reportedly allow its customers to rent access to the ground stations the same way that access to its data centers is leased.

The service will be available to AWS customers in the government or highly regulated sectors involved in missions such as public safety, military, data collection and Earth observation.

Thirteen new machine learning capabilities and services across all layers in the machine learning stack are now available to developers.

With the machine learning service, the cancer center was able to drastically reduce the time required to index patients who may be eligible for clinical trials based on their conditions and medical histories.

Amazon, Google, Facebook et al are all in the business of personal and corporate data accumulation and management.

How the machine learning service will fit in with Amazon's other healthcare endeavors remains to be seen, but there is little question that the company is gunning for a level of insight into personal health that will place it head and shoulders above any other competitors.

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