Trump reportedly tried to order prosecution of Hillary Clinton and James Comey

Trump reportedly tried to order prosecution of Hillary Clinton and James Comey

Trump reportedly tried to order prosecution of Hillary Clinton and James Comey

Trump told the then White House counsel, Don McGahn, in the spring of 2018 that he wanted a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while secretary of state, and against Comey alleging a leak of classified material, the Times said, citing two unnamed people familiar with the conversation.

While it is theoretically possible for a president to ask the Dept. of Justice to open an investigation, it is illegal for the president to order the prosecution of any American.

Justice Department lawyers could also refuse to act on Trump's orders, the memo reportedly said.

But Trump was ultimately dissuaded after White House Counsel Donald McGahn wrote a memo that said Trump risked impeachment as well as defeat in the 2020 presidential election if voters through he had abused his power. It suggests that McGahn didn't really stop Trump's impulse to sic the Department of Justice on Clinton at all.

It was not clear what laws Trump believes Clinton or Comey allegedly broke. A judge could also dismiss any charges the president ordered against Comey and Clinton.

However, in the United States today, if someone does not like another person for political reasons, there's a call to "go after them, 'lock her up, ' impeach". But this Times report marks the most explicit account yet of his attempts to use the government to settle scores.

Tuesday's revelations raise further concerns about Trump's apparent political use of the DOJ, which the president appears to consider a partisan tool to support his administration and harass his critics.

The Times went on to note that Trump's lawyers wanted the Justice Department to investigate former FBI director James Comey - there, too, the request was refused.

According to the Times, it is unclear whether Trump has continued to pursue prosecution.

He fired Comey previous year and accuses the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director of breaking the law when he gave information to the Times about interactions with the president.

Former White House counsel John Dean-one of the central figures during the Watergate scandal-has suggested that President Donald Trump's behavior may be worse than that of disgraced former President Richard Nixon.

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