South Korean tensions over stance towards North Korea

South Korean tensions over stance towards North Korea

South Korean tensions over stance towards North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has expressed a willingness to allow inspectors into the country's main nuclear complex, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported Tuesday, quoting a senior diplomatic source.

Experts soon said that these are intermediate- and shorter range missiles, that the report was based on satellite images made in March 2018, while the US-North Korea summit was held in June, and that Kim never promised to destroy these facilities or even disclose their number or goal.

Kim and President Donald Trump held a summit in June and signed a denuclearization deal.

He said that inter-Korean relations are moving forward in tandem with U.S.

"We are discussing Chairman Kim Jong-un's reciprocal visit before the year's end with all possibilities on the table", he said.

The Times of Israel reports that South Korea did not mention North Korea in its announcement of the new missile detection system.

Washington has demanded that Pyongyang disclose a full inventory of nuclear weapons and fissile materials as a first step toward the USA goal of achieving the final, fully verified denuclearization of North Korea.

USA officials have been concerned that inter-Korean relations may be advancing too fast even as Pyongyang and Washington struggle to make headway in denuclearization talks.

But for traditional Korean wrestling, ssireum, the South applied in 2016, a year after the North - which uses a different system to render Korean into English and transliterates it as ssirum.

Negotiations over denuclearization hit an impasse when North Korea abruptly called off a meeting planned with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the last minute early this month.

The US has wound back its joint military exercises with South Korea, and North Korea has halted all missile and nuclear testing.

"We are in frequent contact with North Korean officials".

"Whether it's a face-to-face sit-down meeting, that's one thing", she said, "but we continue to have conversations and we think we're in a good place with that".

Twenty-eight officials from the South will take part in the inspections, including officials from the unification and land ministries, and of the Korea Railroad Corporation and Korea Rail Network Authority. North Korea ignored the invitation.

If the exercises proceed next year, they will certainly provoke an angry response from Pyongyang. The second Trump-Kim summit is not expected to be held at least until January.

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